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  • Wireless phone charging system for Toyota Avalon

    Dec 21, 2012, 10:17
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    The first ever vehicle fitted with a wireless phone charging system will be Toyota Avalon sedan – a flagship model of the Japanese brand at North American market.

    This device will become a part of the optional Technology Package which includes Adaptive Cruise Control and systems of high beam automatic switch and head-on collision's prevention. Wireless phone charging system is compatible with 34 smartphone models and several other gadgets which require additional accessories.

    Mobile devices will be charged using Qi technology, which transmits energy to batteries with the use of electromagnetic induction. Device could be charged by simply being put on the special platform located at the central tunnel.

    The first ever similar device has been introduced in 2007 by American company Visteon, subsidiary enterprise of Ford. General Motors also announced earlier on that wireless charging system is going to be available on Chevrolet Volt hybrid. Chrysler promises to fit its cars with such an option as well.

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