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  • Young drivers esteem safety more than entertainment

    Mar 30, 2012, 09:38
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    Most young drivers of all possible car gadgets esteem more those, which provide an additional safety. Such a surprising conclusion made specialists from American company “Accenture” after making a quiz of more than one thousand 18 to 24 years old young drivers in seven countries.

    Turns out, young people, that can not imagine their life without Internet, e-mail and mobile devices consider these options insignificant for the vehicle. According to the research, multimedia centers, embedded phones, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth access points young generation esteems less than, for example, automatic evacuator or rescue service calling system in case vehicle is broken or is involved in an accident.

    Drivers in the next age group esteem safety systems even more. Three of four 25-35 years old drivers mentioned as very important anti-lock braking systems, activating in case of a possible collision. Almost everyone would like their vehicle to be fitted with blind spots tracking system.

    In May 2010 Consumer Reports magazine made a quiz of American drivers, which showed, that Americans are not ready to sacrifice their vehicle's safety for the low fuel-consumption rate. Only 11% of new vehicles' buyers and 14% of old ones managed to refuse it.

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