«Economybookings.com» in Cooperation with one of the largest car rental companies Sixt has served tens of thousands customers since 2009

  • Italy

    “All great matches end 1:2. Italy thanks Germany and Sixt offers 10% discount on all German brand cars of Sixt fleet until 1.07.2012”. Sixt Italy car rental placed this ad on their Internet site after the victory of Italians over Germans in Euro 2012 football championship semi-finals. This is just one brilliant example of inventiveness and creative approach of the car rental company with a hundred years of history. Sixt Italy strictly follows principles and values of the famous car hire brand.

    There are 116 Sixt service stations in this beautiful country. It is quite a lot and the offices are thoughtfully concentrated in and around popular tourist hubs like Rome, Venice or Naples. From the point of view of tourists Italy is inexhaustible. Amazing nature, ancient monuments, gems of art and architecture, picturesque vineyards and farms, excellent cuisine – Italy can be explored and enjoyed forever and it is so much more convenient to do it at your own pace in a comfortable rented car of your choice. Which is always invariably wide at Sixt car rental.

    The company’s fleet is impressive – more 180,000 modern vehicles of well known brands. The cars are constantly replaced with newer ones, as safety of customers was always priority number one in Sixt. The company is proud of its traditions, values and status of the oldest car hire in the world.

    Sixt is a partner of Economybookings.com since April 9, 2009.