Cooperating efficiently since 2008, and Budget Rent a Car – one of the leading car hire companies in Kenya – served more than 1 500 customers.

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    Those lucky people who happened to visit Kenya compare this adventure with a trip to another world and “magic” is one of the most used adjectives. It is also said that this country is Africa in miniature – here you can see mountains and rivers, waterfalls and lakes, ocean, savanna, grasslands, desert, beaches and coral reefs, rainforests, rich tribal culture, amazing wildlife…

    National parks in Kenya (like for example Tsavo National Park) are the best places on the planet to see elephants, zebras, lions, leopards in their natural habitat. Natural attractions are just stunning. Hell’s Gate National Park with looming rocks, gorges and intricate basalt columns that look like they were made by mighty and crafty aliens. Glacial ridges of Mt Kenya. White beaches of Malindi on the coast of Indian Ocean. It is a lot to see and to enjoy in this beautiful country. Many visitors prefer to explore it in a rented car as this type of travel gives independence and flexibility. And worldly recognized car rental company Budget Rent a Car can be you reliable and compentent helper in that.

    Budget Rent a Car is a company with more that 50 years of car rental experience. It was founded in Los Angeles in 1958 and from the very beginning it offered reasonably low rental rates. Today Budget Rent a Car is owned by huge Avis Budget Group and has around 3,000 pick up stations in more than 120 countries. Its modern fleet of 232,500 vehicles is constantly replenished with newer models of respected car makers as safety and comfort of clients are the main priorities of Budget Rent a Car.

    Vast choice of vehicles allows to find any car to suit the purpose of your travel. In Kenya two main offices of Budget Rent a Car are located in airports of Nairobi and Mombasa -- the main gateways for tourists arriving in Kenya. There is plenty of comfortable and powerful all-terrain vehicles in Budget Rent a Car fleet for those visitors who want to have their own, safe, individual, unique and magic Kenyan adventure.

    Budget Rent a Car is a partner of since November 18, 2008.

    4Cooperating efficiently since 2008, and Budget Rent a Car – one of the leading car hire companies in Kenya – served more than 1 500 customers.BudgetKenya37#FFFFFF6Kenya