Working collaboratively in Croatia since 2010, and Fleet Rent a Car successfully served more than 1500 customers.

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    Power of Choice! What a wonderful motto for any car hire agency that sets needs of customers as its main priority. It is exactly what Fleet Rent a Car does. It is a brand new and very energetic Croatian car rental company. It started rental operations in March 2012 and already received a significant amount of positive responses from visitors of sunny Croatia.

    Fleet Rent a Car is a part of TRCZ Group. This company has been maintaining dominant position in used cars trade in Croatia for 20 years. Apart from car sale and rentals TRCZ Group also has a car repair subsidiary.

    Seven offices of Fleet Rent a Car are opened in main Croatian cities and popular resorts -- Zagreb, Pula, Rijeka, Zadar, Split and Dubrovnik. Pick up stations are conveniently located in city centres, airports and in the vicinity of tourist destinations. Devoted and professional personnel of Fleet Rent a Car has deep knowledge of local peculiarities, traditions, festivals, ways of life, places of interest and all kinds of “inner” information that helps visitors to learn more about Croatia and to immerse in its vibrant and peculiar culture.

    It is always better to get to know new country individually. Tourist routes are generally designed with taking into account general interests. But car rental gives an opportunity to set your own pace of exploration and to choose the most interesting for you routes and places. And of course you can stop wherever you want to observe beautiful landscapes, to chat with local people, to have a snack in colourful tavern that suddenly caught your eye and attracted you.

    This is exactly the Power of Choice that Fleet Rent a Car can give you. The fleet of the company is diverse and modern. It consists of well known car brands, such as VW, Audi, Opel, Seat, Skoda, Ford, Chevrolet, Suzuki and others. So you can easily choose the car that will be as close to your idea of individual, comfortable and safe travel as it is possible.

    The goal of Fleet Rent a Car is to become the most competitive car rental company on this market and judging by initial results of its business activity it is quite an attainable goal.

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    4Working collaboratively in Croatia since 2010, and Fleet Rent a Car successfully served more than 1500 customers.Fleet Rent a CarCroatia7Facts & History