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  • The nature of Croatia!



    Mljet National Park, Croatia;


    National Park Brijuni, Croatia;

    791.8 km.



    Our route begins with an island in a southern part of Croatia – from island Mljet, where the first park settles down. It takes all western part of the island from the moment of opening – on November 12th, 1960. The park has two and a half features. The first is the Small Lake and the second – the Big Lake. Both lakes are filled with salt water. In addition, the remained half of the features is St. Maria's island… or island in an island. Please, tell me this is not incredible.



    The most important feature of the national park of Krka is a fact, that the park only two times departs from borders of the river with the same name. In addition, the main sight of this park – seven finest and cleanest falls, located along the river. The most well-known and big one - the Skradinski buk with 46 meters in height. In addition, it is possible to find in the park more than 800 kinds of plants and more than 18 kinds of fishes. In addition, during the bird's migration, the beautiful view opens for humankind. It's mesmerizing.



    One of the greatest national parks of Croatia, located in Kornati, occupies the space of 220 km², the length of a coastal line exceeds 238 km and quantity of islands equals 89. This is one of the greatest parks not only in Croatia, but also in whole Europe. However, the most mysterious in this park are Crowns, rocks that "grow" directly from the sea. It's forbidden to lift on them, but everyone must see this creation.



    One of the oldest parks in Croatia opens its doors for you. Two majestic mountains protect this place - Vaganski Vrh (1757) and Sveto Brdo (1753). Canyons, called Mala Paklenica and Velika Paklenica, are very interesting for tourists, but they are also very dangerous, and, like a magnet, attract more and more of them every year. Caves, that were expanded in the recent past, attract everyone to show the true beauty of nature. Works of art, that are not fabricated.



    Plitvice lakes

    The most popular national park in Croatia. The nature of this place has more than 16 lakes, 140 waterfalls, 20 caves, unique old woods, which have an ability of regeneration. Moreover, most interesting is the difference in levels between the lowest lake of the cascade and the highest – 133 meters. It's impossible to present - it's necessary to see!


    Sjeverni velebit

    The youngest national park, based in 1999, but not less interesting – The National Park Sjeverni Velebit. This park can boast with a mountain Zavizhan , that contains the highest meteorological station in Croatia, Karstic peaks of Hajditski and Rožanski kukovi (indescribable beauty of a rock in height more than 200 meters) and a karstic cave of Luka which enters in Top-10 of the deepest caves in the world. In addition, this is everything, without considering the indescribable nature and a variety of animals and birds.



    The Risnjak National Park – the nature simply screams about itself here. The researches here began in 19th century and proceed to this day. There are mountains here - Mountain Veliki-risnjak and Snežnik.



    We've approached to the last, but not the least park of Croatia – The National park of Briuny. Remarkable park with a long-term history, that indirectly includes also two World Wars, and the period of Yugoslavia. It's a pity to say goodbye to Croatia, but there are more kilometers of fine routes and many remarkable places. Come back to Croatia – it's worth it!