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  • The magic of Paris!





    Paris, France;





    Palace of Versailles, Paris;




    Disneyland, Paris;




    81,2 km.


    Royal Palace of Versailles

    Our journey begins at 22 km from Paris in the suburb called Versailles. Here in the 17th century under the leadership of "Sun King" Louis XIV a palace was built and park ensemble of the Royal Palace of Versailles - one of the greatest creations of the human mind, and architectural engineering. Since the end of the 17th century Versailles served as a role model (even for Peter I), but still no one managed to outdo this creation.

    In addition, to become a bit closer to realization of inimitableness and beauty of this creation we offer you the cost of the palace. Most interesting is that all accounts related to the construction of the palace still exist. When considering all costs, you get 25,725,836 livres (1 livre fit 409 grams of silver). If translated into silver, then it is 10 500 tons of silver and 456 million guilders from 243 grams of silver. At a price of 250 euros per kg of silver, the construction cost of the palace to the French Government at 2.6 billion euros. If we remember that while guilder was worth 80 euros, the construction cost of 37 billion euros. In addition, in general, it appears that expenditure on the construction of the palace of the XVII century, in our currency is... 259 560 000 000 euros.
    Therefore, this is, impressive in every sense of the word, the place to start our trip to beautiful Paris.


    Eiffel Tower

    Where can you find a better place to start jour journey, if not here. The most famous place not only in France, but also in the whole Europe - the Eiffel Tower.

    The most recognizable architectural object in Paris worldwide is known, as a symbol of France, named after its founder Gustave Eiffel. Eiffel also called it simply - the 300-meter tower.
    Originally, the tower was conceived as the arch of the World Exhibition in 1889 and after 20 years had to be demolished. However, the next symbol of France saved the radio, but rather a radio antenna - it was the radio era. In the entire history of the tower on it has had over 300 million people making it the most visited architectural object on the planet.


    Arc de Triomphe

    Beautiful monument on the Charles de Gaulle Square was built in 30 years in the 19th century by order of Napoleon, as a beautiful architectural building in memory of the victories of his Grand Army.

    Now it is one of the most famous places on the planet, annually thousands of tourists visit this place. At the end of XX century on the arch were seen traces of the ravages of time, and by 1989 the arch was restored. Inside of it, there is a museum of history of this monument, and directly under, it lays the unknown soldiers who died in the battles of First World War Every evening at 18:30 ignited a flame in honor of this event and it was then called the true atmosphere of this beautiful place. The mystery, mysticism and ambiguity surrounds this place to all the surrounding tourists could experience this place ... this era.


    Moulin Rouge

    Moulin Rouge – probably, the most popular cabaret not only in France, but also in the whole world. Six films, a book and infinitely many songs were made about this place. Exactly here was born one of the symbols of France - the cancan dance and to see it many people come from all points of the planet. It has been visited by Picasso, Oscar Wilde, the Royal family members such as Prince of Wales and many other legendary figures.
    And you can become one of 850 people, who visit this magical place every day.




    The highest point of Paris, situated at 130 meters above the sea level, is one of the most popular points in Paris. You have an opportunity to get up there using the legendary stairs.

    There is a legend that at the beginning of our era there was a bloody event, in which died first bishop of Paris - Dionysius. He was beheaded. After a while, he got up, washed the severed head with holy water and fell down dead. In honor of this place called Montmartre, which means mountain of the holy martyr.
    Certainly, worthwhile place to visit.



    Only six letters, but so important. Probably the most famous museum in the world located in the heart of Paris. Only here you will see the famous paintings by Picasso, Van Gogh and many other prominent artists in the history of the planet. Surely, the most precious picture of the museum, pearl collection - is the work of the great Leonardo da Vinci's "Mona Lisa." Yes, this is where you get the opportunity to see the famous smile of Mona Lisa.

    In addition to the museum it has an area of 160,106 square meters with 300 000 historical items, divided into 8 sections. The greatest collection that certainly, needs to be seen.


    Notre-Dame de Paris

    Geographical and spiritual "heart" of Paris - the most famous cathedral, not only in France, but probably, throughout the world. The Hunchback of Notre Dame. It is not necessary to say anything - here you should see, feel and live it. The architecture of the cathedral is incredible - there is no direct plane, but a game with the volume, shadows and contrasts. It is the point, where all of the roads in Paris begin: on the road plates you can see the distance from the cathedral to the rest parts of the city.
    In addition, of course everyone should hear a great organ in the building. Incredible and divine music flowing out of the instrument.



    Moreover, here is the square, where was a great Bastille, of which there are many said, sung and read. Here was a fortress, which fell during the French Revolution and at the same time was destroyed. On the site of demolition, the table was set: "There are dancing and everything will be fine."
    Next to this place is opera, named in honor of this momentous event. Three halls for 3390 seats and a rehearsal - what could be better to appease to the opera?


    La Vallée Village

    It is considered worldwide, that Paris is a fashion capital. And to fell this spirit of beauty and style there is a whole village in this beautiful city - La Vallée Village.

    More than 90 fashion shops – if there is a paradise for a shopaholic, it is here. An entire village devoted to shopping in any quantities, sizes and styles - there is literally possible to live. The star of this center is a boutique ARMANI. But do not spend all the financial savings here, because you still need to fly home!



    Well, that is the end of our journey and we arrived to the finish line - the world-famous amazing and legendary Disneyland Park. Here was born Mickey Mouse, Goofy the dog, and many other cartoon characters that are familiar to everyone since childhood. We adore them during all of our lifetime, but here they are alive. You can touch them, take a picture together and, maybe, play with them. 32 hectares of happiness and pleasure that you, we believe, will never forget. Have fun and enjoy.
    See you soon!