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  • Gaudi in Barcelona



    Barcelona, The Kingdom of Spain;

    Finca Güell's Pavilions, Barcelona;


    Temple of the Sagrada Familia, Barcelona;

    11 km.


    Finca Güell's Pavilions

    Antonio Gaudi believed that art can correct the society, wallowed in a non-existence. Therefore, when he has met Euzebi Güell, the rich slave trader, he has instantly agreed to work for him and with him. Gaudi and Güel made a great sheaf and presented Barcelona a lot of beauty. As a result the Finca Güell's Pavilions appeared. Gaudi's works are situated around entrance to a certain garden, guarded fairly and faithfully by a steel dragon. Naturally, the dragon is only the top of the iceberg, but you can see the rest of it by calling in the Department of Gaudi and arranging a meeting.

    (Finca Güell's Pavilions Av. de Pedralbes, 7, 93 204 52 50, Metro Palau Reial)

    Colegio Teresiano

    Initially this project didn't belong to Gaudi. The first architect and author of the primary project was Colegio Teresiano (in his honor the building was named), but after a while the project has been thrown out and Gaudi, who have picked it up, has brought to this building a few of spirit and magic. It is necessary to notice, that this work differs from all the others – there are more rectilinear forms and less of unexpected roughness with which Gaudi so likes to "stuff" his buildings. An unexpected move for the school, where the the Order of St. Teresa had to study.


    Casa Vicens

    It is considered, that Casa Vicens is the first project of still young, but very ambitious architect, who only just began his career, Antonio Gaudi. The large manufacturer, known by the time in Spain beause of making a ceramic tile, Manuel Visens Montaner, has appeared as the customer. And the fact, that the first customer of Gaudi was the manufacturer of a tile, has very much helped a young and gifted spanish architect. The building has three facades, which allow us to observe a certain architectural theater, while the building opens its grace. The game with colors, light and plans – one of the features of Gaudi’s gift.


    Park Güell

    One of the most inimitable creations of Gaudi – Park Guel – has been built after, already mentioned, Euzebi Güell decided to construct on similarity of England's set of parks in Spain. Feature of the project of park is the fact, that Gaudi has reduced to a minimum the cut-off trees to keep a primordial form of this place. He always considered that trees are one of the most ingenious products of the Creator. That's why we can enjoy not only the beauty of architectural thought, but also a primeval beauty of the nature of this city-park.


    Temple of the Sagrada Familia

    We have approached to the most interesting, tremendous and mysterious structure from Gaudi – the Cathedral of Sagrada Familia. Here the life of a great architect, unfortunately, has ended – he passed away without having completed the cathedral. He died under the wheels of a tram and nobody even recognized him. And only in a couple of days, lying in ordinary hospital, he has been found and brought to elite hospital, but wasn’t saved. In exchange he left us this building, which he had no time to complete. No words in the world can describe this magnificent construction, so it needs to be simply seen. And when you will leave, throw a coin – building is sponsored by donations.