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     Castle Frankenstein 

    Everybody knows a story about mad scientist Victor Frankenstein and its ingenious creation. So, here is the castle, where the legend about a monster was born.
    The history tells us that once upon a time in this castle lived a well-known scientist, theologian, alchemist and a doctor Johann Konrad Dippel von Frankenstein. When he was young he nearly blown up the castle, experimenting with explosive substances. The hearing about this accident resounded throughout the country, and was picked up by a writer Mary Shelley, who created the terrifying character of Frankenstein.
    Under the castle is the stone-pit where Georg von Frankenstein killed a flying dragon, which according to legend, still lies under under the castle. And now you have a possibility to experience the atmosphere of this mysterious and tremendous place.


    Schlosshotel Bühlerhöhe

    Long, long time ago in an ancient castle, located in mountains of Schwarzwald at height of 800 meters, surrounded by a park, with breathtaking views over the Rhine valley the widow of General Izenbart in memory of the deceased husband, and lost love decides to build a sanatorium for German officers. In memory of this event over the entrance to the Castle-Hotel Bühlerhöhe there is an inscription: "In many healths, in memory of one". Today it is a beautiful castle and a hotel in one, which is considered as one of the best and most exquisite places not only in Germany but in the whole world.
    Gorgeous architecture, beautiful courtyard with lovely fountains, marble hall – everything, that surrounds you here, just screams about wealth, luxury and extraordinary royal comfort. The kitchen – is a place where magic begins. Both restaurants "The Palace" and "Imperial Gourmet" are very well-known in the whole country because of their culinary finesse and amazing wine cellar. Also since 1912 they use spring water for cooking.
    It is easier to say what is not here, than what is. You just have to see this... to see, enjoy and pick up a piece of the castle and its surrounding neighborhood with you forever.


    Hohenzollern Castle

    At height of 855 meters on a mountain Hohenzollern (in common it is more known as Zollernberg or just Zoller), somewhere in the clouds stands Hohenzollern Castle. Having survived 10 centuries of wars, destruction and reconstruction of the castle it is now alive to delight and amaze our human eye.
    The first version of the castle has been constructed in XI century. 4 centuries later on May, 15th the fortress has been destroyed after a long siege by armies of imperial cities of Swabia. From this event and from the castle there is only some written mentions.
    The second version of the castle has been built in 30 years after the destrction of the first. 200 years this castle had a strategic value, but since 1798 after the last owner has left it, the massive castle has started to collapse. From this version of a fortress there is only St. Michael's chapel left.
    The third version and now existing has been built in 1867 under the government of German emperor Wilhelm I. The castle was damaged by earthquake on September, the 3rd, 1978, and until the middle of 1990th years was closed on reconstruction. Until now the castle is a private possession: it belongs to 2 lines of Hohenzollerns. But it is possible without any problems to visit this castle, as 300 thousand tourists do every year, what makes this castle one of the most visited of Germany.


    Neuschwanstein Castle

    Even words are not enough to describe the beauty of this magnificent castle. It is Gorgeous in all senses of this word. Divine. “Sleeping Beauty Castle” in Paris resort of Disneyland was sketched from the castle Neuschwanstein.
    This castle is also shown in the movie 1968 «Chitty Chitty Bang Bang», a beautiful castle in a fictional country Vulgaria. But the most beautiful thing that gave this castle to the world – is the inspiration for the great composer Tchaikovsky to write a beautiful and unmatched ballet “Swan Lake”. There is no point in writing about this castle... it has to be seen. Now it is a museum, and anyone by buying a ticket, can dip into this story and wish to stay there forever. But no, unfortunately this is impossible.