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  • All roads lead to Rome


    Rome, Italy;

    Colosseum, Rome;


    The Trevi Fountain, Rome;

    5,7 km.



    Our route begins with the most known building in Rome and probably in whole Italy, construction that characterizes this city built in the 1st century of our era. Through the history, it has been renamed twice and constantly changed visitors: from cruel gladiators to noble families of Rome. Thus, for almost 2000 years of the existence, the Collosseum has turned into a symbol of indestructibility, antiquity and inviolability of Rome. Is it important to visit or not?


    Fori Imperiali

    It is an ensemble! An architecture ensemble in the heart of Rome. Square, the construction of which was started B.C., is obviously worth to respect and view. Architectural monuments with more than 2000 years of history stand there and wait for you. This is the real possibility to dive into the epoch when there were no computers and even ball-point pens. This is a time machine, that will transfer you back to the past.


    Roman Forum

    One of the most ancient squares in Rome – the Roman Forum. Initially here was a market, after that - a place for national meetings, and then the forum got a political character. However, the most bewitching here is not the past of the forum, but the present of it. Here you can find different styles, architect thoughts and simply a lot of beautiful places – this is not a square anymore, this is an open-air museum, which is opened for all and everyone, who wish to enjoy ancient spirit, that has come to us through time.


    Campo dei Fiori

    The rectangular square that, as in the Middle Ages, is used for trade. So, what is here so interesting to put it in the route? Maybe, a small fact, that in the Middle Ages the square was used for mortal execution. In addition, as a reminder of these times, you can find the statue of great philosopher Giordano Bruno, who was burned exactly here. An interesting place for anyone, who is interested in life and its existence.




    Temple of all Gods in Rome. Greatness of engineering and architectural thought of that time. On November the 1st, in year 609 the temple became a church of all martyrs. Since this day, Catholics have a new holiday – All Hallows' Day. In addition, it is necessary to tell, that the great artist Raphael was buried here. There is no sense to describe greatness of the Pantheon, because it is simply impossible, it is definitely necessary to see. Moreover, if you will be there at noon in a clear day you will see the almost tangible light, that pervades the whole building through an aperture in a dome … and you'll feel the light.


    The Trevi Fountain

    Our travel comes to an end near one of the greatest fountains of Europe and the biggest in Rome – with The Trevi Fountain. This fountain has 25.9 meters in height and 19.8 meters at width. However, greatness and its refinement is not in size and not in the beauty of water, that splashes out of it – rather genius it is because of the Baroque style and many popular beliefs connected with a fountain. If you throw a coin in a fountain once - you will certainly return here, two coins – the love meeting, three coins – the wedding waits you in the near future. There is also an informal continuation: four coins – you will become a rich person and five – soon you will be separated from the one you love. Choose the quantity of coins and necessarily come back to this unforgettable city.