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  • "The Beatles" week in London



    London, Great Britain;

    Royal Albert Hall, London;


    Abbey Road Crossing, London;

    13 km.


    Royal Albert Hall

    "Now they know how many holes it takes to fill the Albert Hall". This line from the song “A Day In The Life” - perhaps the most brilliant one from the diamond album “Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band” – was written just about this building. As John Lennon said, the lyrics came when he was reading the "Daily Mirror" and found a small article about the poor state of roads in the town of Blackburn, Lancashire. Some meticulous experts found that the local "highway" has four thousand holes, "so, there are 26 holes on each local resident."
    In the same newspaper reported, that in the car crash died a friend of John - a millionaire Tara Brown. His sports car crashed in to pieces in the London borough of South Kensington, where exactly stands the Royal Albert Hall.
    By combining these two completely unrelated events – a hit was born. And now you have the opportunity to touch the history and feel the spirit of the “holes in the Albert Hall”.


    Buckingham Palace

    The official residence of the British Queen, which of course has a direct bearing not only on the history of "The Beatles", but also to the entire history of the United Kingdom.

    But for fans of the “Liverpool Four” music it is a place where “Beatles” were awarded with the British Empire Medal.
    On the June 12, 1965 British Queen Elizabeth II gave to John, Paul, George and Ringo one of the most prestigious national awards - the British Empire Medal - for the contribution to British culture and its promotion throughout the world. However, in 1965, "The Beatles" award had outraged some of its owners, including military heroes.
    They returned their medals to protest the order, because, in their opinion, these awards are now just worthless. "The British royal house me like a vulgar fool" - wrote one of these gentlemen. But, according to John, for the band it was just a part of the game.
    On November 22, 1969 John Lennon returned the medal to the Queen with the following letter: "Your Majesty, I am returning my medal in protest against Britain's involvement in the conflict over Biafra Nigeria, against our support of America in Vietnam and against the fact that "Cold Turkey" is slipping down in the charts. With love, John Lennon. "


    Prince of Wales Theatre

    “Those of you in the cheaper seats - clap your hands; and those of you in the more expensive seats - just rattle your jewelry.” With a smile on his face, John Lennon said this phrase on November 4, 1963 at a concert at Prince of Wales Theatre. In the hall, among others, were sitting: Queen Mother Elizabeth with her daughter Princess Margaret and her husband - Lord Snowdon. A few years later the British Queen will present to Lennon, McCartney, Harrison and Starr a medal of the British Empire.


    The Beatles Apple Office

    Not so remarkable building in the fashionable shopping and business districts has been the place where the most important events in the history of ‘The Beatles’ in late 1960s were. The most significant event in the history of this house on Savile Row was, without doubt, was the last "live" concert of "The Beatles". Some of the "Beatles" members wanted to organize the public event – first in the last few years. But against this idea was George Harrison, and as a result the band decided to organize a concert on the roof of the Apple office. The results of the historic concert, John Lennon summed up: “I would like to say thank you from the whole band. Hopefully, we have successfully passed the audition”. These words were included on the album “Let It Be”.


    London Palladium

    Popular London theater and concert stage, where it is believed, was born The Beatlemania.

    Beatles were in the London Palladium, London that is nearby the entertainment district of Soho, for 3 times. However the concert which has taken place here on October, 13th, 1963, became a mark after which «the Liverpool four» from usual musicians has turned into adored gods. The TV show with their participation called «Sunday Night at the London Palladium» has been shown all over the country, and the admired spectator shouts, probably, were heard even in France on the other side of the Channel. And after that British journalists entered the term - "Beatlemania", which, as the phenomenon itself, has its success even now


    Apple Boutique

    Business failure - that's the only normal way how to characterize this boutique. But even here the "Beatles" have decided to get out of this situation with humor. On July 30, 1968 cashiers began reporting boutique visitors that the clothes that they have chosen will not cost them a penny. Such a charity costs to the bands shop 10 thousand pounds, although it lasted only two days. On July 31 the shop closed. However, most of the "Beatles" members used the opportunity to get free clothes, and, by their own admission, "entered the store with the entrance for sellers, but came out through the main door." The only one, who did not get a hippie outfit from the miracle-boutique, was Ringo Starr. Talking to the "Rolling Stones" he could not find anything suitable in size.


    London Beatles Store

    On the way to the Regent's Park and the museum of Sherlock Holmes every passer-by stumbles on the bright shop window with a yellow submarine and portraits of the Beatles. It is the London Beatles Store, that advertises itself as “one of a kind”. A small but cozy room is just full with a variety of things, dear to a heart of every “Beatles” fan - from the usual posters to tickets for concerts of "The Beatles" and the original vinyl records. However, you won’t get anything for free, as it was in “The Beatles” boutique: all products are quite expensive.


    Abbey Road Studios

    Located in a quiet and prestigious area of London St. Johns Wood recording studio at the Abbey Road - a real Mecca of every self-respecting fan of "The Beatles". You can feel the true spirit of the times, when the bands members were here, making their great music, to see the place where the history was made, a story that is still alive.


    Abbey Road Crossing

    Well, if you go back a bit, you will see the most famous crossing in the world, which is known to all fans of “The Beatles” – the “Abbey Road” album cover. This will be the perfect conclusion of a beautiful itinerary - a picture of you walking through this crossing, as many years ago it did 4 guys from Liverpool. And maybe someday you will start writing your own history.