Car rental in Bangkok

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Car rental in Bangkok

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Driver`s age between 25-70
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Car Rental in Bangkok: find the world in contrast

The Thailand capital is an exciting city to visit. It has grown to a social, political and economic hub of Thailand. In case you’ve gone for several vacations only to find them a little ‘boring’, consider booking a vacation to Bangkok. Here, you’ll find the world in contrast. Merging both modernity and ancient culture, Bangkok guarantees a vacation of a lifetime.

What are the major tourist attractions in Bangkok?

The Wat Pho/Wat Po- this is the largest as well as the oldest temple in Bangkok. It is a grand palace that homes more than 1000 Buddha images. It’s widely known for the large reclining Buddha which is 46m and is covered in precious metal leaf. It’s quite an attraction worth visiting.

Wat Arun (The Temple of Dawn)- This is one of the most important temples. It’s named after Aruna, the Indian God of Dawn. Wat Arun has an amazing view in the evening. The seashells and porcelain decorations are quite a glamour! You’ll also want to see the pavilions, they entail sculptures of historic Chinese soldiers and animals.

Bangkok offers a wide variety of Thai Cuisine that is available at a reasonable price. You might want to try Phad Thai Curry, Kanom roti or even Tom Yum Goong soup. How about the buzzing nightlife? Bangkok offers a wild exhibition of various tastes at the beaches of the Gulf of Thailand. A mind blowing experience!

For tourists that love shopping, how great would it be to go shopping on the famous floating markets of Bangkok? Tourists find the floating markets in Bangkok quite attractive and a spot to come visit. Small boats are packed with a variety of goods such as fruits and vegetables that they sell when ferrying tourists. Hiring a boat with friends for a ride in the Bangkok coast while enjoying the cool of the fruits served can be quite overwhelming! Later, driving into Chinatown to learn the interesting Thai culture.

Cheap car rental in Bangkok, Thailand

Unlike taxis or other public transport services, one can opt to rent a car in Bangkok. It’s quite interesting to drive to the historical Bang PA-In palace in Ayutthaya. It’s worth spending a day touring around the beautiful palace and ground. Shopping lovers can later drive to Chonburi to see some shrines as well as do some shopping.

Car hire in Bangkok offers various classes of vehicles that accommodate the various types of vacations. Bangkok receives more tourists on leisure vacations compared to business trips. That means, with exemption of family vacations, you ought to consider hiring economy class car. Other choices to choose from are the luxury, convertible, vans and the SUVs.

  • Mitsubishi Mirage or similar (mini class) – $19/day
  • Nissan Almera or similar (economy class) – $21/day
  • Toyota Yaris or similar (compact class) – $22/day
  • Honda Civic or similar (intermediate class) – $33/day
  • Mitsubishi Pajero or similar (standard class) – $45/day

Tips for renting a car inexpensively in Bangkok

Taking a flight to Bangkok is not final, you need to hire convenient transit services to move you to the place of interests. It’s quite difficult to do cheap car rental upon landing in Suvarnabhumi Airport or even Don Mueang Int’l Airport. Renting a car at Bangkok Downtown pickup station is quite better.

Bangkok is a whole year round destination with a better record of visitors arriving around November to February. However, prices on rental cars vary from time to time. Prepaid rental services can be quite inconveniencing. For instance, in case one rents a car, he or she cannot be refunded should the prices go down before taking on the trip.

The duration to rent a car determines the cost to pay. In normal circumstances, one ought to pay less when hiring a vehicle for a shorter period of time compared to a longer rental period. One is assured of paying less when taking a longer rental time. A week is quite less compared to the beautiful sites Bangkok has to offer. Taking longer with a rental car will ensure you’ll have time to visit places like Wat Arun, Wat Phra Kaew or even Lumphini park.

Despite having various classes of fleet to choose from, the brand to take will determine the hiring cost of the vehicle. To be on the safer side, consider taking on a less obvious brand. Individuals have made a mistake of picking the luxurious class of fleet only to end their vacation in three days. Why not spare the extra Thai Baht to fuel an economy class vehicle like Ford to facilitate your movement for the entire vacation week?

Who can rent a car in Bangkok, Thailand?

The various rental companies have varied conditions for their visiting clients on car rentals in Bangkok. However, a number of conditions are common;

  1. The minimum age of a driver renting a car is 21 years
  2. The driver ought to have a year-old license
  3. Despite drivers at the age of 21 having clearance to hire vehicles, luxury and convertible classes are reserved for older and more experienced drivers.

What are the various traffic tips when driving in Bangkok?

The Bangkok driveways are left handed with right-hand drive vehicles

In case you’re new to Bangkok, you ought to pay extra attention to motorcyclists on the road who weave along the road and are difficult to spot.

Avoid driving on open roads at night due to increased number of heavy vehicles. The truck drivers are known to have little respect for other road users.

More about Bangkok

  • Local time zone UTC +07:00
  • Currency- Thai Baht
  • Pick up stations- Zap station, Bangkok railway station
  • Left driveways with right handed cars

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