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Car Rental in Faroe Islands


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Faroe Islands

Car Rental on the Faroe Islands: the Forgotten Gems of Scandinavia

This archipelago of 18 islands is just a short flight away from the UK and Scandinavia but receives relatively little attention from most tourists – despite having some of the most dramatic and beautiful landscapes in the northern seas. The Faeroes are an excellent place to drive into what may appear to be an idyllic and forgotten village landscape – without losing your cell or mobile phone signal!

The tourist season is quite short on the Faroe Islands, extending from May to September. Of these months, May and June will be the less populated time to explore the regions in depth. If you’re flying to the islands, you may find that summer fog will interrupt the landing of your flight, at which point you’ll be redirected to Iceland until the fog clears.

Faroese is the language spoken on the Faroe Islands, though many inhabitants also speak Danish, Norwegian, and/or English.

The currency is the Faroese króna, which is a version of the Danish krone, and is therefore of the same value. Danish krones and Faroese króna are interchangeable on the islands, but you should exchange any remaining Faroese króna before you leave the islands, as they’re very rarely recognized elsewhere.

The Faeroes have only one airport, on the island of Vágar. If you arrive by ferry, you’ll land in Tórshavn on Streymoy. A total of six of the islands are connected for direct road travel. For example, you can travel by car from Vágar via a sub-sea tunnel to Streymoy and from Streymoy to Eysturoy via a bridge. The more distant Sandoy and Suðuroy are highly accessible from Streymoy via car ferry.

You can pick up a rental car at the airport on Vágar or just up the road from the ferry terminal in Tórshavn. You can travel along the roads that connect the six islands in less than two hours by car, but you will absolutely want to make frequent stops to explore this incredible archipelago in depth!

Driving on the Faroe Islands

With well-kept roads, great inter-island infrastructure, and jaw-dropping sights, the Faroe Islands are best experienced via automobile hire. Even though the roads are narrow, driving is very comfortable on the islands and rental is an inexpensive, intimate way to take your time with these gems of the northern seas. You’ll definitely want the convenience of a car to photograph the sights and wildlife as they come upon you, as well as to bring along all the varieties of clothing that you will need to keep your warm or cool in this tempestuous weather zone!

Here are some tips for an excellent driving experience on the Faeroes:

Right-Hand Driving

  • Traffic drives on the right-hand side of the road throughout the Faeroes.
  • The speed limit in towns is 50 km/h.
  • The speed limit outside of towns is 80 km/h.

Speed Limits

  • The speed limit in towns is 50 km/h.
  • The speed limit outside of towns is 80 km/h.

Other Regulations

  1. Parking is regulated in Tórshavn, Klaksvík and Runavík by the placement of a parking disc in your windshield to show when your parking period begins. If your rental doesn’t come with a disc, you can pick one up for free at most banks or tourist offices.
  2. For all drivers whose licenses have been issued by a country outside of the EU or a Nordic country, an international driver’s license is required in addition to your domestic driver’s license.
  3. The tunnels connecting the islands Vágar to Streymoy and Borðoy to Eysturoy are tolled for return trips (in other words, you’ll pay a toll coming from one direction: from Vágar to Streymoy and from Borðoy to Eysturoy). You can pay for the toll at a Magn or Effo petrol station; the toll costs 100 Faroese króna. If you don’t pay after exiting the tunnel, your fee will be issued by mail and transferred to you by your rental company.
  4. Particularly due to the high number of tunnels on the islands, headlights must be on at all times while driving.
  5. As a self-governing member of Denmark, the same visa restrictions that apply to Denmark apply to the Faroe Islands. Many nationalities can visit visa-free for up to 90 days.
  6. Off-road driving is prohibited.

Other Tips

  • Roads are quite narrow and windy on the Faeroes, so take your time and enjoy the view at a slow pace!
  • Keep an eye out for free-roaming sheep, which cross roads at will across the islands – and sometimes seek shelter in the entrances to tunnels!
  • Most shops and stores will close by 2pm on Saturdays and will be closed all day on Sundays.
  • The Faeroese don’t identify as Danes, so respect their near autonomy!
  • Weather can change quickly on the Faroe Islands, so pack accordingly, particularly if you’re planning on trekking. While there are petrol stations on most islands, filling up whenever you come across one is recommended.

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