Alquilar un coche en Kazan

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Alquilar un coche en Kazan

Lugar de recogida
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Devolver el vehículo en una oficina distinta
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Car Rental in Kazan: the third capital of Russia

Sometimes called the ‘third capital of Russia,’ Kazan is an excellent city to visit for people interested in sports and university life, as well as in the unique meeting of Slavic and Tatar culture. The architecture of Kazan is particularly beautiful, particularly since 2005, when the city celebrated its 1000th birthday with substantial renovations. Make the most of your visit to Kazan by exploring the city and its surroundings thoroughly with a rental car. Book yours today!

The warmest and most comfortable months of the year to visit Kazan are June through August. Kazan sees the highest number of tourists during these months, so be sure to book your hire car well in advance if you also plan to visit during the summer.

Russian and Tatar are the most commonly spoken languages in Kazan and you can expect many road signs to be in both languages.

Kazan is in the Moscow Time Zone, UTC+3.

The currency of Russia is the ruble. While large shops are more likely to accept credit cards, restaurants and smaller stores will only accept cash. Take advantage of numerous ATMs throughout the city to keep some cash on hand.

Car hire is available in 5 locations throughout Kazan, including Kazan International Airport (KZN) and downtown.

Visa Regulations

Citizens of around 30 countries, such as Brazil and Turkey, can visit Russia visa-free for a period of 14 to 90 days depending on their nationality. Citizens of all other countries, such as EU and North American countries, must apply for a visa at a Russian embassy or consulate before they arrive. To apply for a visa, you’ll need an invitation from a private or business entity in Russia in addition to your application. You can expect to pay an invitation fee, an application fee, and a visa fee. Within 7 days of your arrival, your host is responsible for registering you, which can be done at a post office.

Driving in Kazan

Road infrastructure is quite good in Kazan, making the city easily navigable by car, though you will want to make the most of your visit by avoiding driving during rush hours.

Right-Hand Driving

  • Traffic drives on the right-hand side of the road throughout continental Europe.

Speed Limits

  • In the city: 20 to 60 km/h
  • On expressways: 110 km/h
  • On other roads: 90-110 km/h
  • If you have held your license for less than 2 years, do not exceed 70 km/h throughout your travels in Russia.
  • Avoid driving in the historical city center from 8am to 10am and 5pm to 7pm, when traffic is quite heavy.

Other Regulations

  1. Parking is regulated by time and fee in Kazan. You can park on the streets for free on Sundays and official holidays. At all other times, you can pay for parking using the Kazan Parking mobile phone app.
  2. To defend your driving behavior in any legal cases, video record all of your time on the road.
  3. If you get into an accident, don’t move your car until the police have sketched an accident plan and you have signed it.
  4. An international driver’s permit is recommended in addition to your valid driver’s license for your travels throughout Russia. A certified Russian translation of your license is also an excellent document to carry with you whenever driving.
  5. While the minimum driving age in Russia is 18, you will have to be at least 21 years old with a full year’s driving experience to rent a car. Drivers under the age of 25 are likely to face young-driver surcharges.

Cheap Car Rental in Kazan

Car hire in Kazan typically starts at around $28 a day. Here are some of the best deals in Kazan:

  • Renault Logan or similar (economy class) – $28/day
  • Volkswagen Jetta or similar (intermediate class) – $40/day
  • Ford Focus or similar (compact class) – $45/day
  • Ford Mondeo or similar (standard class) – $67/day
  • Bmw 3 Series or similar (fullsize class) – $97/day

Note that prices vary depending on the availability of each specific car and the season in which you rent. For the most accurate offers, use the search bar above.

Tips for Renting a Car Inexpensively in Kazan

There is some seasonal variation in price for rental cars in Kazan, with prices falling as low as $27 in the late springtime and rising to around $33 a day in the summer. If you’re renting in the off-season, you may find that you can save $1 a day for your rental car by waiting to book until the week before you arrive. However, waiting to hire your car is risky, particularly in the popular summer months. Book well in advance to get the cheapest prices in June and July.

Eleks Polus is by far the cheapest rental car company in Kazan, though RentMotors can sometimes beat Eleks Polus’s prices with further discounts from Economy Bookings. Keep an eye out for discounts of around 8%.

For the most availability and diversity of cars, book your rental car from Eleks Polus at their airport and downtown locations.

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