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      I want to know more about Full Coverage. What is covered and what is not?
      7 min article

      I want to know more about Full Coverage. What is covered and what is not?

      Full Coverage from EconomyBookings will cover the following:

      • Damage excess amount you pay if your rental vehicle is involved in an incident;
      • Excess amount for car theft;
      • Charges for damage to the rental vehicle mechanical components that are not covered by your car rental agreement including bodywork, roof, undercarriage, windscreen, windows, mirrors, locks, wheels tires, hubcaps, engine, clutch, battery;
      • Towing costs related to damage;
      • Costs incurred for replacement of a lost or stolen key for a rental vehicle;
      • Processing fee (including admin fees charged by rental companies).

      it will not cover:

      • Any incident or damage caused by negligent acts such as drunk driving, misfuelling, driving off-road, breaking local laws or the rules of the road, and other situations when you weren’t sticking to the Terms & Conditions of car rental agreement;
      • Car damage caused by natural disasters, acts of war and terror attacks.

      Please note that under your car rental agreement Full Coverage can cover up to a maximum amount of 1 700 EUR*.

      *Or the same amount in local currency at the exchange rate.

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