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A British car manufacturer Aston Martin will introduce a new model this Summer. Its premiere will be coincided with a celebration of a 100th anniversary of the day on which this famous car brand was established.

Many companies often release a limited series of already existing vehicles to a memorable date, but Aston Martin has decided to arrange something special. And for even now it is evident that a jubilee model will be outstanding, really modern and extremely popular, and it is much more interesting than to simply put a Centenary Edition nameplate on a DB9 model.

According to experts, jubilee Aston Martin car is going to be a successor of a DB9 supercar, which tests had begun not long ago. This model is expected to be fitted with a modernized 6.0L 550hp petrol engine, aggregated with a six-speed manual transmission and with a six-speed automatic transmission as well.

It has also become known, that Aston Martin has also sold out all of the Aston Martin One-77 two-door coupes just in three years. It is worth mentioning, that this is a one of the most expensive cars in the world – its starting price is $1.9 mln.

Besides, British company in cooperation with a Zagato atelier, very soon is going to produce a two-door coupe V12 Zagato, made on the base of a V12 Vantage sportcar, dedicated to a 50th anniversary of the DB4T Zagato model. Starting price of this 510hp supercar will be £330,000 and there will be released only 150 exemplars of it.