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Before its new multimedia system SYNC with voice control and text into speech transformation functions hits European market, Ford company, with the help of TNS Research International UK, has conducted a research on how often drivers in different countries speak on the cell-phone, send and read SMS while driving a vehicle.

5, 5000 drivers from Germany, Spain, France, Great Britain, Russia and Italy took part in this research. As it turned out, more often cell-phones use Italians. 61% respondents from this country confessed they distract from driving to read or send SMS. They are followed by people from Germany and France with 49% and Spanish respondents with 40%. According to research, the most disciplined drivers live in Great Britain, where just 33% answered positively.

It is noteworthy, that 95% respondents admit, that SMS reading and sending behind the wheel negatively affect driver's safety and his ability to drive a vehicle.

New multimedia system SYNC gives an opportunity to listen SMS, received by the driver of the vehicle, and to send a message with the help of voice control function. Although, the system offers to choose the message from several templates, such as “I love you”, “I'm in a traffic jam”, “I'll call you back”, “Meet me in 10 minutes” etc.

This system is present in a USA market for several years, but European market it will hit only this year. With SYNC will be fitted Ford B-MAX next-generation, available for sale starting from this year's Summer. In the future this system will appear on other Ford models, including popular Focus.