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      I think I have been overcharged for my rental. What should I do?
      If you believe that you were overcharged by a rental company, we advise you to contact them first and ask for clarification of the charges. If the explanation of rental company is proven to be insufficient, then please contact our Customer Support team. We will require all documentation that was given to you by the rental company and the invoice they have provided. We will carefully examine your situation and verify whether your booking was overcharged. If you believe that overcharge comes from EconomyBookings: your rental did not start yet – contact our Reservation department; during or after the rental – contact our Customer Support department.
      3 min article
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      How can I get a receipt for my booking?
      If you require a receipt for the services charged by EconomyBookings please contact our Reservation department. If you need a receipt for the services charged by car rental company please contact them directly using the contact information on your booking voucher.
      2 min article
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      How can I open a claim?
      We kindly ask you to go through our Terms and Conditions section before filing a claim. Once you have decided to proceed with the claim, please fill out this form within 30 days from your drop-off date.
      1 min article
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      What can I do if I have questions or complaints about the service provided?
      If you have questions or a complaint regarding the services provided by EconomyBookings, please fill out this form within 30 days from your drop-off date. Please do not forget to provide all the relevant information and documents that are associated with your question or complaint. The claim will be opened within the next 2-4 business days after you have filled out the form. We will do our best to thoroughly investigate your case in the shortest amount of time possible. Please note that the time it takes to investigate your case may vary and will depend on the circumstances of your claim. We will aim to resolve your case within 28 days.
      3 min article
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      What should I do if I forgot something in the car I have rented?
      We advise you to contact the car rental company directly to see how you can get your item back. You will find their contact information on your booking voucher or the signed rental agreement.
      1 min article
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      Can I receive a refund for unused time if I returned my rental car early?
      Unfortunately, if you return your rental car early, there will be no refund provided for unused rental days
      1 min article
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      What happens if my rental car has been damaged or I got fined during my rental?
      If your rental car was damaged the first step is to contact the car rental company. If your reservation included only basic insurance, you will be responsible to cover any expenses up to your excess amount, as mentioned in your rental agreement. However, if you have purchased Full Coverage from EconomyBookings, you will need to fill out the Full Coverage Request form on our website. You will be asked to provide necessary documentation related to the accident, we will carefully examine it and process a refund in accordance with Full Coverage provisions. If you want to find out more please check the Full Coverage section. Alternatively, if you have your own insurance or you have purchased one from car rental company, please contact respective company directly. If you received a fine or a speeding ticket during your rental, it is your responsibility to cover these charges. Please note that fines might not show up on your credit card immediately however, a car rental company will always provide a document explaining all charges.
      5 min article
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      I have returned my rental car, when can I expect security deposit to be released?
      Rental company will hold the deposit for the entire duration of your rental period. Once a rental car is returned and if a rental company has no complaints against a customer, it will send a confirmation to the bank that a deposit must be unblocked. Deposit will be unblocked as soon as operation between banks is completed. It usually takes from 3 to 28 business days from the day your rental car was dropped off. If you do not receive your deposit by the end of this period, we advise contacting your bank or our Customer Support department for further assistance.
      2 min article

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