Your quick travel guide to Al Hoceima Airport

Al Hoceima Airport (AHU)

Al Hoceima Airport (AHU) is a small regional airport located in Al Hoceima, Morocco. It serves as the primary gateway for travelers visiting the coastal city of Al Hoceima and the surrounding region. The airport offers domestic flights to several destinations within Morocco, as well as limited international connections. AHU is equipped with modern facilities and services to ensure a comfortable travel experience for passengers, including car rental, dining options, and ample parking space. The airport plays a vital role in facilitating tourism and economic growth in the Al Hoceima area.

Al Hoceima Airport (AHU) to City: Seamless Transit Options

The biggest city near the Al Hoceima Airport (AHU) is Al Hoceima itself. It is located approximately 9 miles (14 kilometers) southwest of the airport. To get to the city center from the airport by car, you can take the N2 highway and follow the signs leading to Al Hoceima. The journey typically takes around 20 minutes, depending on traffic conditions.

Car Rental Providers at Al Hoceima Airport (AHU)

Al Hoceima Airport (AHU) is a popular destination in Morocco that offers car rental services from various companies. Some of the car rental companies available at Al Hoceima Airport include:

The most popular car types for rent at Al Hoceima Airport (AHU) are:

  • Economy cars, such as Fiat Panda, Renault Clio: average price USD 25 - 30, EUR 20 - 25 per day
  • Compact cars, such as Ford Focus, Volkswagen Golf: average price USD 30 - 40, EUR 25 - 35 per day
  • Sedans, such as Toyota Corolla, Peugeot 508: average price USD 40 - 60, EUR 35 - 50 per day
  • SUVs, such as Nissan X-Trail, Hyundai Tucson: average price USD 50 - 70, EUR 45 - 60 per day

Please note that these prices are approximate and may vary depending on the rental company, availability, and season. It is recommended to check with the specific car rental companies at Al Hoceima Airport for the most accurate pricing information.

Why Excels for Car Rentals at Al Hoceima Airport (AHU)

There are several reasons why you should consider booking a car rental at Al Hoceima Airport (AHU) with

  • Wide selection of vehicles: offers a diverse range of car options, allowing you to find the perfect vehicle for your needs.
  • Competitive prices: By comparing prices from different car rental companies, ensures you get the best deal for your rental at Al Hoceima Airport.
  • Convenient booking process: Renting a car with is easy and straightforward, saving you time and hassle.
  • Flexible cancellation policy: provides flexible cancellation options, allowing you to modify or cancel your reservation if needed.
  • Excellent customer service: Should you have any questions or issues, offers dedicated customer support to assist you.

To rent a car at Al Hoceima Airport with, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the website or mobile app.
  2. Select Al Hoceima Airport (AHU) as your pickup location and choose your desired rental dates.
  3. Browse through the available car options and choose the one that suits your preferences.
  4. Review the rental details, including the price, inclusions, and any additional terms.
  5. Proceed to provide your personal information, driver's license details, and payment information.
  6. Double-check the information you've entered and confirm your reservation.
  7. Upon arrival at Al Hoceima Airport, follow the instructions provided by to pick up your rental vehicle.

Find the cheapest car rental at Al Hoceima Airport (AHU)

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Hyundai i10
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Cheap Car Rentals at Al Hoceima Airport Seat Leon
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Cheap Car Rentals at Al Hoceima Airport Toyota Yaris
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* Disclaimer: Prices displayed may not reflect today's rates.

Car rental companies at Al Hoceima Airport

We have prepared a shortlist of top rental companies at Al Hoceima Airport (AHU). To save both time and money compare offers on to find the best deal.

Green Motion
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