Your quick travel guide to Margate Airport

Margate Airport (MGH)

Margate Airport (MGH) is a small regional airport located in Margate, South Africa. Serving as a gateway to the KwaZulu-Natal province, the airport primarily handles domestic flights. It features a single terminal building and offers facilities such as car rental services, shops, and restaurants. Margate Airport serves as a convenient access point for tourists visiting the popular coastal town of Margate and its surrounding areas, known for their beautiful beaches and recreational activities.

Exploring the City: Transportation Choices from Margate Airport (MGH)

The biggest city near Margate Airport (MGH) is Durban, located approximately 60 miles (97 kilometers) away from the airport. To get to the city center of Durban from Margate Airport by car, you can take the N2 highway and follow the signs toward Durban. The journey usually takes around 1 hour and 30 minutes, depending on traffic conditions.

Car Rental Options at Margate Airport (MGH)

There are several car rental companies available at Margate Airport (MGH) for your convenience. Some popular options include:

When it comes to car types, the most commonly rented vehicles at Margate Airport are:

The average prices for car rentals at Margate Airport vary depending on the rental duration and car type selected. The prices provided below are an estimation and may vary:

Prices in USD ($)

  • Economy: $30-50 per day
  • Compact: $35-55 per day
  • Sedan: $40-60 per day
  • SUVs: $50-80 per day

Prices in Euro (€)

  • Economy: €25-40 per day
  • Compact: €30-45 per day
  • Sedan: €35-50 per day
  • SUVs: €40-65 per day

Please note that prices may fluctuate depending on the specific rental company, seasonal demands, and availability. It is advisable to check with the individual car rental companies for the most accurate and up-to-date pricing information.

Making the Most of Your Trip with at Margate Airport (MGH)

There are several reasons to book a car rental at Margate Airport (MGH) with

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To rent a car with

  1. Visit the website.
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  6. Receive your confirmation details via email.
  7. On the scheduled pick-up date, present your reservation confirmation and required documents at the rental counter located at Margate Airport.
  8. Collect your rental car and enjoy your journey!