Your quick travel guide to Kolkata Airport

Kolkata Airport (CCU)

Kolkata Airport (CCU), officially known as Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport, is the primary international airport serving the city of Kolkata, India. It is located in Dum Dum, about 17 kilometers northeast of the city center. The airport is named after Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, a prominent freedom fighter. CCU is a major hub for air travel in eastern India and serves as an important gateway to the region. It offers a wide range of domestic and international flights, providing convenient connections to various destinations around the world. With modern facilities and services, Kolkata Airport ensures a comfortable and efficient travel experience for passengers.

City Center Commute: Your Guide from Kolkata Airport (CCU)

The biggest city near Kolkata Airport (CCU) is Kolkata, also known as Calcutta. It is located approximately 10 miles (16 kilometers) northeast of the airport. To reach the city center of Kolkata from the airport by car, you can take the VIP Road/Devanandapur Road and continue straight onto Central Avenue. The total driving distance may vary depending on traffic conditions.

Car Rental Providers at Kolkata Airport (CCU)

There are several car rental companies available at Kolkata Airport (CCU) to cater to your transportation needs. Some popular car rental companies include Avis, Hertz, Zoomcar, Revv, and Drivezy.

The most popular car types for rent at Kolkata Airport (CCU) are Sedans, hatchbacks, SUVs, and Luxury vehicles. Sedans and hatchbacks are commonly preferred for their affordability and efficiency, while SUVs are popular among groups or travelers with more luggage. Luxury vehicles cater to those seeking a premium experience.

The average prices for car rentals at Kolkata Airport (CCU) may vary depending on the car type, rental duration, and the rental company. Here are approximate average prices in dollars and euros:

Car Type Average Price (USD) Average Price (EUR)
Sedan $30-50 €25-45
Hatchback $25-45 €20-40
SUVs $40-70 €35-60
Luxury $100-200 €85-170

Note: These prices are only estimated averages and are subject to change based on the prevailing rates, seasons, and other factors. It is advisable to contact the specific car rental company or check their websites for accurate and up-to-date pricing information.

Making the Most of Your Trip with at Kolkata Airport (CCU)

Here is why you should book a car rental at Kolkata Airport (CCU) with

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  • Convenient pickup: The rental cars are available directly from Kolkata Airport, providing ease and convenience for your arrival and departure.
  • Excellent customer service: offers reliable customer support to assist you with any queries or issues you may encounter during your car rental experience.
  • Flexible cancellation policy: Depending on the rental car provider, you may have the option to cancel or modify your booking without any additional fees.

To rent a car, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the website.
  2. Select "Kolkata Airport (CCU)" as your pickup location.
  3. Enter your desired rental dates and choose the type of car you prefer.
  4. Fill in the necessary information, including your contact details and payment information.
  5. Review the booking details and confirm your reservation.
  6. Upon arrival at Kolkata Airport (CCU), proceed to the designated car rental counter to collect your vehicle.
  7. Present your reservation details and necessary identification documents to complete the rental process.
  8. Enjoy your trip with the rented car!