Your quick travel guide to Masuda Iwami Airport

Masuda Iwami Airport (IWJ)

Masuda Iwami Airport (IWJ) is a regional airport located in Masuda, Shimane Prefecture, Japan. Serving as an important gateway to the Iwami region, the airport primarily handles domestic flights. It offers convenient access to major Japanese cities such as Tokyo and Osaka through regular scheduled flights. With its modern facilities and efficient services, Masuda Iwami Airport aims to provide a comfortable travel experience for passengers visiting or departing from the Iwami area.

City Center Commute: Your Guide from Masuda Iwami Airport (IWJ)

The biggest city near the Masuda Iwami Airport (IWJ) is Hiroshima, which is approximately 63 miles (101 kilometers) away.

To get to the city center of Hiroshima by car from Masuda Iwami Airport, you can take National Route 9 eastbound. The estimated travel time is about 1 hour and 40 minutes, depending on traffic conditions.

Masuda Iwami Airport (IWJ) Car Rental Services

In Masuda Iwami Airport (IWJ), some popular car rental companies include Avis, Budget, and Times Car Rental.

The most common car types available for rent at Masuda Iwami Airport (IWJ) are economy, compact, and midsize cars.

The average prices for car rentals at Masuda Iwami Airport (IWJ) are approximately $40 to $60 per day or €35 to €50 per day.

Advantages of Opting for Car Rentals at Masuda Iwami Airport (IWJ)

There are several reasons why you should book a car rental at Masuda Iwami Airport (IWJ) with

  • Convenience: Booking through allows you to compare prices from different car rental companies, making it easy to find the best deal.
  • Wide selection: offers a wide range of car options, from economy to Luxury vehicles, ensuring you find a car that suits your needs.
  • Competitive prices: By comparing prices, you can find the most affordable rental rates available at Masuda Iwami Airport.
  • Flexible booking: allows you to easily modify or cancel your reservation, providing flexibility for changing travel plans.
  • Excellent customer service: offers reliable customer support, ensuring a smooth rental experience.

To rent a car with, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the website.
  2. Select the Masuda Iwami Airport (IWJ) as your pick-up location.
  3. Choose your desired pick-up and drop-off dates and times.
  4. Browse through the available car options and select the one that meets your requirements.
  5. Provide the necessary personal information and payment details.
  6. Review your reservation details and confirm the booking.
  7. Upon arrival at Masuda Iwami Airport, follow the instructions provided by to pick up your rented car.