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Car rental in Jordan

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Car rental in Amman: the dream city for vacations

Among the most consistently overlooked cities as a tourist destination by travelers is Amman, the capital city of Jordan. However, it ought to be the dream city for vacations. Amman’s beauty and bounty do not just end at the plethora of alluring attractions but further to the cryptic civilizations and ancient heritage. The city endows plenty of vicinities for tourists and adventure lovers. Upon reaching Amman, you’ll not resist the glamour of these unfathomable features beaming with a unique charisma.

What are some of the tourist attractions in Amman, Jordan? When visiting Amman, you’ll hardly fail to notice the breathtaking piece of the Wadi Al Seer. It’s about 24km (15 mi) drive to the city’s southwest direction. What about the luscious green trees lining up the panoramic valley? The Iraq-al-Amir and Qasr-al-Abd creating the obscure and the occult myths of the ancient is mind blowing!

You’ll also want to drive to the fortress constructed by the Hyrcanus. It is engraved with monstrous animals of towering powers. The sight gives one an arena to understand the political background of Jordan. Think about visiting the Amman’s most prominent culture and fashion district; Swefieh. Here, tourists find a haven for clubs, night bars as well as the shopping plazas.

Most visitors in Amman create time to dig into the Roman history in Jerash, just 48km (29 mi) drive off Amman. The charisma calls you from the entrance. You’ll not miss the Roman tradition in the form of baths, arches, colonnaded streets as well as the conserved plazas.

You’ll have probably rented a car to move around Amman. How about driving to the mesmerizing panorama of Ajloun on your way back from Jaresh? You’ll have time to admire the green valley glaring next to the Dead Sea, the West Bank and Lake Tiberius. It’s also amazing to explore the enrapturing castle not to mention the outstanding archetypal Islamic architecture.

Cheap car hire in Amman

Think of a car hire in Amman, you’ll have the freedom of roaming anywhere you want at your own time and pace. You’ll have time to see anything you’ve dreamed and aspired in Amman. Unlike taxis, you’re able to rent a car in Amman cheaply.

Car hire comes with a number of options to choose from; depending on the kind of vacation. If you like, you have the option of driving a similar motor to that you have at home. Whether it’s automatic or manual transmission, the economy booking has made all these options available.

Taking public transportation system will definitely deny you the opportunity of enjoying the whole stunning view of Amman. How about driving yourself to the city and maybe explore the Nymphaeum at the Roman Theatre. Later in the day, one can consider driving to The Temple of Herakles, the Byzantine church or even the National archeological museum. Sounds amazing! Right?

How to save on car hire in Amman, Jordan

With the wide variety to consider, you can identify the size and model that can accommodate the group you’re touring with to Amman. Suppose you’re taking a business trip or even a family vacation. There’s no need for each member renting his or her own car. Instead, the SUVs and the Vans are the ultimate solutions. They’re quite economical on fuel and cost of hiring.

  • Hyundai Eon or similar (mini class) – $23/day
  • Kia Rio or similar (economy class) - $25/day
  • Hyundai Accent or similar (compact class) - $26/day
  • Peugeot 301 or similar (intermediate class) - $29/day
  • Toyota Yaris or similar (standard class) - $37/day

There are daily, weekly and monthly rental rates, both short term and long term. Car rental in Amman is quite different. The less time you hire a car, the more you’re entitled to pay. There’s so much to see in Amman, you can organize for a longer stay in Amman, probably a week or longer in Uptown Hotel Apartment or even Misk Hotel. You’ll find a cheap car rental for the stay.

Amman has various pickup stations; the most common being the Amman Airport. Picking a motor at the Airport is rather expensive since you’re entitled to a higher rental cost. How about using pickup station outside the airport? You can consider the following stations;

  1. Amman King Abdullah Gardens
  2. Amman Mecca Street
  3. Amman Corp Executive Hotel
  4. Amman Hotel Marriott
  5. Sweimeh Jordan Valley Marriott

A number of people make a mistake of leaving the pickup lot without fully assessing the functionality of the car. You ought to make sure scratches, dents or issues are noted, documented and reported to the company to avoid being held accountable for something you never did. It is important to be thorough in this step to avoid extra charges. Take your time to fully ensure there are no loose parts, damaged lights, leakages or anything considered as damage.

Although paying for extras is considered a liability, you might consider paying for a few that may be useful during your stay in Amman. Consider having a motor fitted with a GPS system. After checking the functionality of the car, take some time to consider things like gas stations nearby and the shortest possible routes to your hotel room.

Peak travel season in Amman is around June to August around summer. There are a number of events that take place in Amman during this season which makes vacations around the time colorful!

More about Amman

  • Local time zone- UTC +03:00
  • Located in North Central Jordan
  • Currency- Jordanian Dinar
  • Pickup station- Queen Alia Int’l Airport
  • Right-hand driveways with left handed cars