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      Your quick travel guide to Homs

      Homs (Syria)

      Homs, located in western Syria, is the country's third-largest city and a significant cultural and industrial center. The city has a rich history dating back to ancient times, with landmarks like the Citadel of Homs and Khalid ibn al-Walid Mosque showcasing its heritage. Homs has been deeply affected by the Syrian Civil War, enduring heavy damage and displacement of its residents. Its strategic location along key trade routes has made it a central point in the conflict. Rebuilding efforts are underway in Homs to restore infrastructure and revitalize the city's economy and community.

      Car Rentals in Homs: Why You Should Rent a Car

      When visiting Homs, Syria, renting a car can greatly enhance your trip by providing flexibility and convenience to explore the city and its surroundings at your own pace. With a rental car, you can easily visit popular attractions such as the Khalid ibn al-Walid Mosque, the Krak des Chevaliers fortress, and the ancient city of Palmyra.

      By opting for a car rental, you free yourself from the constraints of public transportation schedules and can easily reach off-the-beaten-path destinations. Whether you are traveling for leisure or business, having a rental car in Homs offers you the flexibility to create a personalized itinerary and make the most of your time in this historic city.

      The Essential Steps to Renting a Car in Homs

      To rent a car in Homs, Syria, follow these essential steps:

      • Choose a reputable car rental company with a physical presence in Homs for reliability.
      • Verify that you meet the age and documentation requirements for renting a car in Syria.
      • Review the rental agreement thoroughly to understand insurance coverage, fees, and any restrictions.
      • Select a suitable vehicle based on your needs and preferences, considering factors like size and fuel efficiency.
      • Inspect the car for any existing damages and ensure that all equipment and features are in working condition.
      • Agree on a rental period, return location, and payment method before driving off with the rented car.

      Discover the Most Popular Car Rental Types in Homs

      In Homs, Syria, popular car rental companies include Avis, Budget, and Europcar. The most popular car types for rent in Homs are economy cars, compact cars, and SUVs. On average, the prices range from $30 to $50 per day for economy cars, $40 to $60 per day for compact cars, and $60 to $80 per day for SUVs. In euros, the prices range from €25 to €45 for economy cars, €35 to €55 for compact cars, and €50 to €70 for SUVs.

      Homs's Gems: A Car Tour of Must-Visit Sites

      One key attraction to visit by car in the city of Homs, Syria, and its nearby surroundings is the historic Krak des Chevaliers, a well-preserved Crusader castle located about 40 kilometers to the west. The castle offers a glimpse into the region's rich history and architectural heritage. Visitors can explore its impressive fortifications, towers, and courtyards while enjoying panoramic views of the surrounding landscape. Additionally, the drive to the nearby Orontes River provides a scenic route, passing through picturesque villages and offering opportunities to experience the local culture and cuisine.

      Save on Your Homs Adventure with Car Rentals

      When exploring Homs, having the flexibility and convenience of a rental car can enhance your travel experience significantly. With, you can easily find affordable and reliable car rental options that suit your needs, allowing you to navigate the city and its surrounding areas with ease. Book your rental car today at and embark on a memorable adventure in Homs!