Car rental in Chiang Mai

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Car rental in Chiang Mai

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Car Rental in Chiang Mai: driving the modern city within Thai highlands

Chiang Mai is the second largest city in Thailand. It’s about 700km (435 mi) North of Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand. Chiang Mai is among the few places where tourists learn both the modern and the traditional Northern Thai culture. Ranging from the shopping premises, zoos, museums and even parks, Chiang Mai offers everything anyone can wish for in any vacation. Chiang Mai is a modern city within some Thai highlands which makes it a charisma of its own.

What are some of the major tourist attractions in Chiang Mia, Thailand?

For the past few years, there has been rapid growth and modernization globally. However, Chiang Mai was still able to retain its culture. This has boosted its allure as a major tourist attraction. The city records an influx of approximately 5 to 6 million tourists where 2 million are noted to be foreigners.

Anyone taking a trip to Chiang Mai will hardly fail to recognize the Chiang Mai Arts and cultural center. Located along Prapokklao Road, the center house exhibits of the historical background of the city dating 700 years ago. Among the exhibits lay some that are devoted to Thailand’s dominant religion; Buddhism. Exhibitions range from royal dynasties, agricultural along other historical aspects.

How about driving to Chiang Mai Zoo Aquarium? The zoo features more than 20,000 sea creatures through its underwater channels. What amazes most tourists is finding out that the zoo features a mixture of fresh water and salty water creatures! The underwater ballets and acrobats featured here are mind blowing!

Taking some time to visit the Wat Phra Sing might make your vacation worthwhile. It is the most popular temple believed to be the oldest. The walls of the temple demonstrate the dresses and the customs of the early Chiang Mai people.

In case you love wildlife, Chiang Mai should be your dream destination. Driving about 60km (37 mi) North of the city is the Elephant nature park. A visit to Maesa Elephant camp will ensure you do more than just bathe and feed the elephant. Chiang Mai also features Doi Inthanon National park as a home for wildlife; one of the major tourist attractions globally.

Cheap car rental in Chiang Mai

Upon alighting from your flight at the Chiang Mai Int’l Airport, everyone wishes to have the most convenient transit services to facilitate movement to various places of interest. Of course, the vacation type will determine the kind of vehicle that will be waiting by.

With online booking, one is able to access the transit services with punctuality. The worst thing to experience would be to book for transit services only to wait a long time to be picked at the airport. It’s rather frustrating. There are various classes and car groups to choose from during the online booking. The following are some of the options to choose from;

  1. Economy cars (4 carriers)
  2. Compact (4 Carrier)
  3. Midsize (5 Carrier)
  4. SUVs (5 Carrier)

One can also select classes such as Luxury, convertible, economy or standard depending on the level of comfort one requires.

  • Mitsubishi Mirage or similar (mini class) – $18/day
  • Toyota Yaris or similar (economy class) - $18/day
  • Honda Jazz or similar (compact class) - $25/day
  • Nissan Sylphy or similar (intermediate class) - $27/day
  • Toyota Altis or similar (standard class) - $45/day

Tips for renting a car inexpensively in Chiang Mai

It is important to learn how to have a better end of the bargain after a car hire in Chiang Mai. Otherwise, you might be forced to end the vacation simply because you overspent as you rent a car in Chiang Mai. To secure cheap car rental services, you need to rent the car for a longer period of time. How about you organize your vacation to take a minimum of a week. The daily rental charges will be less compared to an individual renting the same car model for a day or two. The good thing about Chiang Mai is that there are very many places to keep your vacation long enough to enjoy the fewer rates. Taking on a rental car gives you the freedom to drive around at your own pace.

Taking on a car hire in Chiang Mai Int’l Airport will make you spend more Thai Baht than taking on an outside pick up station. You can consider arranging a pickup station outside the airport. You’ll spare the additional tax imposed.

It’s quite obvious that staying away from the airport will impose an additional fuel cost. Why not pick a hotel near the airport? Reserving a room in Pingviman Hotel or even Cahnkam Boutique Hotel can be quite economical on fuel. In addition, picking a car with fitted GPS navigation system can help identify the various gas station around. You don’t want to be out of fuel on your vacation, it’s rather embarrassing.

The climate in Chiang Mai is quite friendly. Most visitors troop in between December and January. Should you book a vacation in the peak season, it is advisable to keep off prepaid rental services. During this season, the rental cost of vehicles varies from time to time.

More about Chiang Mai

  • Time Zone- UTC +07:00
  • Currency- Thai Baht
  • Pick up station- Chiang Mai Int’l Airport. 10 to 15-minute drive to Chiang Mai city
  • Second point

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