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Car Rental in Krabi

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Car Rental in Krabi: Driving Thailand's Scenic Vacation Destination

Krabi is a town in the province of Krabi on the western coast of Southern Thailand; where Krabi river flows into Phang Nga Bay. Situated about 783km south of Bangkok, the town forms a popular tourist destination. The town lays on some land rich in Mangrove forests and limestone karsts. The overwhelming list of scenic places to visit makes it a loved vacation destination.

Why your next vacation needs to be in Krabi, Thailand

Ranging from the vast culture, beautiful sceneries, beaches all the way to the islands, Krabi offers everything one can ever dream of in a vacation. The allure of the city is magical; one you cannot afford to miss. Here are some of the spectacular places worth a visit!

Railay Beaches and Caves - When taking a vacation to Krabi, Thailand, you might want to visit the magical Railay beaches and caves. The glittering white sand, stunning landscapes, shining sun, transparent water and the overall tropical climate at the beach is overwhelming! However, you’re yet to experience the magical part of it. How about visiting the limestone caves ceded in the giant cliffs? It’s amazing! It’s an excellent site for couples’ vacations.

Thung Teao Forest Natural Park - When you rent a car in Krabi, Thailand, you might want to drive down to the Natural Park. Here, you’ll experience the fabled beauty and ethereal landscapes of the park. The high trees in the darkest of greens, deep emerald-colored water at its purest, wildlife and beauty are mind-blowing! How about hiking to the waterfall in the middle of the park? You’ll definitely feel the surrealistic charm of the park!

Wat Tham Sua- - When on a vacation in Krabi, Thailand, you’ll not miss seeing the Labyrinth of stone caves. Here, you’ll experience the breathtaking sight of the Wat Tham Sua; also known as the Tiger Cave. The caves house many temples and pilgrims inside their premises. Several monks set stations inside these caves with some of them existing there since birth. How about climbing the 1,237 steps to reach the top where the Footprints of Buddha are stationed? It’s worth the visit. You’ll also love the panoramic view of the Andaman Sea and the surrounding!

Krabi Town - When you consider car hire in Krabi, Thailand, you’ll not miss the drive in the Krabi Town. Even after forming a major tourist destination, the town has managed to retain its old-world charm and simplicity! Here, you’ll see how the lazy nights are well spent! How about taking a stroll on the docks? It’s breathtaking! Sitting at the sea-side to enjoy a drink of coffee will ensure a well-spent evening. Partaking in musical galore in the bars will also make your vacation a once in a lifetime experience!

The Krabi Shell Cemetery in Susan Hoi - That’s not all Krabi has to offer. How about driving down to the scary spot in the city; the Krabi Shell Cemetery? The 200m stretch of fossilized shells is breathtaking! There are only three such places in the World! That aside, the place is a haven for geology buffs and sea-relic lovers. If you think you’ve seen enough, you’re wrong. The well-preserved and undisturbed beaches of Susan Hoi will steal your attention! You can’t afford such an arresting scenic view, can you? Others spectacular spots worth visiting include the Klong Thom Hot Springs, the Phi Phi Island, and the Khao Khanab Nam, just to mention a few.

Cheap Car Rental in Krabi, Thailand

Whether you’re taking a business trip or even a family vacation, you might need to rent a car in Krabi, Thailand. Outwardly, the task seems costly and dainty. However, in the long run, you’ll find it more economical, convenient and effective. The various available car classes to rent include:

  • Mitsubishi Mirage or similar (economy class) – $17/day
  • Nissan Almera or similar (compact class) – $18/day
  • Toyota Yaris or similar (mini class) – $19/day
  • Honda Civic or similar (intermediate class) – $29/day
  • Nissan Sylphy or similar (standard class) – $32/day

Tips for renting a car inexpensively in Krabi

Car Rental in Krabi, Thailand agencies work to ensure that they have all-round transit services one might ever think of in a vacation; whether it’s cost-effective, comfort, space, drive type- all these are well suited in their fleets. For instance, they have a number of car offering the luxury car class. Ranging from the interior design, furnishing, and services including a chauffeur (if you need one), the limos will ensure you experience the full glamour of the city and enjoy top-notch luxury. Of course, this comes at a price. If your preference is cost-effectiveness, you might want to consider the economy class fleet. A cheap car rental will ensure that you’ve saved a few Thai Baht and at the end, have more to spend when in Phi Phi Island or even Ko Lanta Yai!

When Krabi, Thailand is hundreds, perhaps thousands of miles away from home, there’s no way you’ll drive to Krabi. You’ll have to take a flight. Numerous car rental agencies have their pickup stations at the airport. You’ll not have to wait long hours waiting for a taxi you had booked online; not even sure whether it’s coming.

Considering the climate is always pleasant and favorable, Krabi, Thailand forms an all-round tourist destination. You might want to arrange for the car rental in Krabi, Thailand agencies for cheap car rental services and also to secure your preference!

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