Your quick travel guide to Sunny Beach

Sunny Beach Car Rental

Coming to the biggest beach resort of Bulgaria is a pleasure in itself. Sunny Beach is a place where you can find around 800 hotels to stay and enjoy. There are many ways to reach here, but the most convenient way is to take a flight to Burgas airport. Sunny Beach is worth coming because you can find everything for leisure here. Although, most areas are accessible by foot, you can take a car rental in Sunny Beach to explore the outskirts. If you are looking for car rental bookings, the below mentioned tips can help you largely.

• Sunny Beach car rentals can be availed from the Burgas airport. Since, mostly vacationers and tourists come here; the costs of car services can be quite high. However, if you are coming with a large group of people, you can take a small van or MUV and save on the overall budget.

• Advance bookings for car rentals for Sunny Beach can be done online. There are travel websites where you can check the Bulgaria car rental services that operate in the area. You can get up to 30% discount on early bookings.

• If you are not particularly comfortable with driving on your own, you can take a driver, many car rentals in Bulgaria offer driver services without no added charges, so you can save on that.

• Even if, car rental companies don’t suggest on taking car rental insurance, you must insist on taking the same. In case, you are driving from Sunny Beach to other cities, book car rentals that have a wide network. If your car breaks down, you can at least seek help.

• Local car rental services can be cheap, but you must research on general rates, to negotiate with them. Be sure to tackle them carefully as many local rentals tend to charge you with hidden fees.


Car rental companies in Sunny Beach

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6.3 /2 reviews
Available in 1 location
Time it took to drop your car off10.0
Cleanliness of the car5.0
Overall condition of the car4.5
Time it took to pick your car up7.0