Your quick travel guide to Nafplio

Renting a Car in Nafplio – A Town of Beauty and Romance

Nafplio is located in a seaport in the eastern Peloponnese and is the capital of the Argolis region in Greece. This picturesque town boasts both Venetian architecture and neo-classical buildings and offers visitors a taste of the beauty, history, and culture of which Greece is very proud.

What to See

The first place you will want to see is the Palamidi Castle. This ancient citadel that sits atop a hill of 700ft affords visitors one of the most breathtaking views of the whole city. While you can climb the 999 steps to the top, the castle is also accessible by car. A number of churches will appeal to those who appreciate history and tradition: be sure to visit the Church of Agios Spyridonas and the Church of Ayios Georgios.

The many museums of Nafplio include the Archeological Museum, the Komboloi Museum, and the War Museum. You can also partake of a variety of tours, such as cultural tours, biking tours, hiking and camping tours, food tours, and nature tours. And there’s no lack of places to relax; head to Karathona Beach or Arvanitia Beach to swim in the clear blue sea.

When to Visit

The best times to go to Greece are the spring and the fall. From June to August, crowds are at their thickest, hotels at their busiest, and traffic moves slowly. The weather is very hot in mid-summer, with temperatures reaching 95℉ in July. Spring and fall have a more bearable climate that may be more appealing.

Car Rental in Nafplio

Renting a car in Nafplio can be very inexpensive, and prices for rental cars vary depending on the length of time the rental is taken for, the type of vehicle, and the time of year.

Examples of car rental prices in Nafplio:

  1. Renault Twingo or similar (mini class) – $26/day
  2. Volkswagen Polo or similar (economy class) – $28/day
  3. Renault Clio or similar (compact class) – $34/day
  4. Nissan Qashqai or similar (intermediate class) – $58/day
  5. Nissan Evalia or similar (standard class) – $81/day

Save Your Money

Greece has a booming tourist industry which calls millions to the country each year, so it’s no surprise that car rentals are quite competitive when it comes to cost and services offered.

Much of the tourism takes place in the warmer months, and for that reason, you will find a difference between car rental prices during peak season and the rest of the year. Renting a small car in the winter months for one day is $43 per day, while the same vehicle rented for one day in summer is $56 per day. Renting for at least week puts the rate at $19 per day and $34 per day during winter and summer respectively.

Consider booking your car rental online - agents can get deals that regular customers cannot. Due to the high volume of rentals that travel agencies facilitate, car rental companies are more than happy to offer huge discounts which translate to lower costs for you.

The cheapest companies to rent a vehicle from in Nafplio are AutoUnion car rental and Europcar.

Tips for Driving in Greece

  • Greece is a country that is perfect for scenic drives along the Mediterranean coastline and mountainous interior. The roads are modern and safe, making the driving experience a real pleasure. Thanks to the amount of tourism in Greece, as well as their partnership in the EU, road signs and the important emergency information is commonly bilingual, being both in Greek and English.
  • To drive in Greece, drivers must be 21 years old and hold a valid international driving license, as well as a full license from their own country. An extra charge is sometimes added to rental agreements for drivers under 25 due to increased risk; however, drivers who have their own insurance connected to their driving license can sometimes have the surcharge waived.
  • The speed limits in Greece change depending on the type of road: within city limits, the speed limit is 30mph; on roads in rural areas, the limit is 50mph; on highways, the speed limit is 74mph.
  • Gas stations in Greece are very well-kept. BP is one of the largest fuel companies in Greece, and their stations are clean, safe, and convenient, offering many services.
  • Toll roads provide the fastest way to travel between the two most popular destinations in Greece, Athens, and Thessalonica. Prices range from $1 to $3.
  • Insurance in Greece is mandatory and rental companies offer two types. One is the minimum standard which is basic liability insurance, and the other is collision and theft coverage for an extra charge.

Car rental companies in Nafplio

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