Your quick travel guide to Miskolc

Miskolc Car Rental

With its background in heavy industries, Miskolc is one city located in Hungary with a lot of potential for business and equal potential for business. You can take car rentals in Miskolc or can use the public transport system to check the city. Known for its colourful and world famous festivals Miskolc is one city that is a must visit for all those fun lovers. DiósgyÅ‘r Castle Plays, International Soldiers and Military Bands Festival, Jelly festival, Miskolc Opera Festival and the CineFest are some of its most popular festivals.

With so many historic buildings, churches and public institutions all situated in this one area, this is one city that attracts many tourists every year. Some of the touristic attractions in Miskolc are The Lutheran church of Avas, The Avas Campanile, , Lutheran Church , Minorite Roman Catholic Church, Maria Sculpture, Ispotaly Synagogue ,Kos Karoly House, Rakoczi House ,Feledy House, Sandor Petro, Teletar and the Greutter-Garden.

All these and more are a great feast for the eyes and a pleasure for the heart. To travel around the city, it is best to take rental cars in Miskolc. Driving in your own car, in your own personal space at your own flexible time is the best thing of a vacation.

Although petrol prices are soaring high, renting a car can be fitted into your budget by finding the best online deals available on the car rental websites. Timely discounts and coupons must not be missed by any customer.

Some of the basic requirements to rent a car in Miskolc are being above the age of 21 with a credit card holding an international drivers licence. Insurance and gas charges are also to be seen to. But make sure to avoid unwanted insurance that may be suggested by the rental companies.

Some of the most trusted rental companies of Miskolc include, Avis, Alamo, Europe car, National etc., these international rentals are best suggested for the better deals and services.