Your quick travel guide to Limerick

Car rental in Limerick – A Poem in Itself

Located in the south of Ireland, this charming city offers a surprising abundance of delights. Whether it’s good food you’re after or cultural immersion, this bustling city has it all. One thing to bear in mind here is that this once rather old-fashioned city has made huge leaps and bounds into the future. Once dogged with Irish stereotypes, Limerick has been revamped in recent years, boasting a wide range of stunning quays, beautiful riverside strolls and an exciting food scene, all of which is sure to get your mouth watering.

When to Go and What to Visit

Limerick offers an excellent destination spot. However, with it being in a temperate zone, visiting when it’s warm can be a little difficult. For the most part though, Limerick makes a great destination all year round. Winters are cooler but quieter and offer a fantastic insight into the way of life – there is nothing better than snuggling into one of the many cozy pubs for a pint and chowing down a traditional cooked breakfast. Summer months are notably warmer, though they are somewhat busier and car rentals can go up unless you are organized and plan in advance.

Notable sites to visit include the impressive St John’s Castle. Built in 2010, this castle maintains its austere grandeur and inside its walls offers a number of exhibitions complete with models and actors to truly bring the experience to life. It shouldn’t be forgotten that there is another fortress in the city in the form of the Thomond Park rugby venue. Home to Munster rugby, this is the heart and soul of the town and provides a true insight into Irish passions.

Cheap Car Deals

For the most part, vehicle hire in Limerick is around $21 per day at the lower end, though this depends on the make of car being hired. Here are just some of the top deals that are available with the prices being set at a weekly rental rate.

  • Hyundai I10 or similar (mini class) – $10/day
  • Ford Fiesta or similar (economy class) – $11/day
  • Toyota Corolla or similar (compact class) – $14/day
  • Hyundai I40 or similar (intermediate class) – $20/day
  • Volkswagen Passat or similar (standard class) – $34/day

It should be noted here that the prices will depend on the date chosen and the vehicle type. Searching at the top of the page will detail all possible options. Prices will also change depending on the collection and drop off points that are selected as well.

How to Save On Auto Rentals

Choosing an off-peak time is the first way to avoid any high car hire fees. In addition, shopping around online through our comparison website is also an ideal step. The more organized you are the better the deal can be, with rates lower when booked a few months in advance. In general, it is advised to book roughly two months in advance as this area is rather popular and cars are snapped up quickly.

In addition, it is always a good idea to book for a longer time period or at least an even amount of days such as a week. The daily rates usually become lower once there are a number of days booked for the rental. For example, a one-week trip booked in Limerick can cost just $21 per day while a period of three days will cost as much as $66 per day.

Cars from Limerick Canal Bank tend to be available for longer whilst vehicles from Limerick Downtown often disappear fast, so make sure to get in early.

The point of pick up can also affect the price of the car. Often downtown areas are more expensive, with airports offering marginally cheaper car hire deals. Bringing the vehicle back to the same pick up location is another clear way to save money, as dropping it off elsewhere will incur fees.

Car Hire Requirements and Road Rules in Ireland

  1. A valid driver’s license and credit card are necessary
  2. Passport or another form of ID may be needed to confirm the age of the driver
  3. Though Ireland is part of Europe, the country observes UK road rules and all vehicles drive on the left side of the road.
  4. For the most part, being over 25 will offer better car deals, though there are companies that will offer car hire to drivers from the age of 21.

Other Important Irish Information

  • The Republic of Ireland is part of the EU and as such uses the euro as its currency.
  • The Irish language abounds with slang, and the accent can be difficult to understand, so be patient. A popular expression is ‘craic’, pronounced like ‘crack’ and meaning ‘to have a good time’.
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