Your quick travel guide to Alessandria

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Alessandria is the second biggest city in Piedmont situated in the green valley between the Tanaro and the Bormida Rivers. In 1168 the Pope Alexander III founded a fortress at the site. Later the town grew around the fortress and it was named after the Pope. Thick walls, bastions, towers survived in the course of time and today the Citadel is the main sightseeing object of Alessandria. Different epochs contributed to the image of the city – it has a lot of beautiful buildings, wide streets, spacious squares. Car rental in Alessandria gives an excellent opportunity to explore this wonderful city or to travel around its picturesque surroundings, or to drive just 90 km to pay a visit to nearby Turin, the main city of Piedmont.

Residents of Alessandria are very proud of the fact that in their city the famous hat brand Borsalino was born. In 1857 Giuseppe Borsalino opened a workshop in Alessandria and started to make and sell stylish felt hats. Very soon his hats became popular in Italy and in the beginning of the XX century they gained fame all over the world. Many movie stars and pop singers were among his clients and appeared in Borsalinos on the screen and in real life – Alain Delon, Marlene Dietrich, Uma Thurman, Jean-Paul Belmondo, Romy Schneider and other celebrities. The Museum of Borsalino is one of the main interesting places that are worth visiting. In the museum visitors can get acquainted with development of this famed brand.

Car hire in Alessandria allows to use your time in the most effective way in order to pay attention to the most important and beautiful sights of the city. There are many churches and cathedrals built in various periods of time. Among the most famous – Duomo di Alessandria built in the 13th century and restored in the 18th century, the church of Santa Maria di Castella (15th century), Chiesa di San Rocco (18th century) where today the Academy of ancient music is opened. The carved gold-plated altar becomes a beautiful authentic background for concerts that are held in the church on a regular basis. It is quiet a lot to see and to enjoy in Alessandria and the city is very comfortable for individual exploration.

In every place you can always find advisors who will eagerly help you not to be lost in abundance of local sights. Stuff of car rental in Alessandria will give you friendly and valuable advice on what to see, where to stay, which restaurant offers the most authentic meals, what interesting events are planned during the time of your visit.