Your quick travel guide to Aprilia

Car rental Aprilia

Aprilia is a town in the central part of Italy situated in the region of Lazio not far from the coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea. The town is not mentioned in the most popular tourist routes of Italy. But famous landmarks and architectural monuments are just one side of the story of any country. Some people want to make their own wonderful discoveries while travelling. Every town has its own nice and interesting places -- stunning view, famous “house with a story”, cosy restaurant with local delicacies where visitors can sit and chat with local people and learn about their way of life. Car hire in Italy gives you independence and flexibility in such type of travel. You can plan your own schedule and set your own tempo and you are the master of your time.

The surroundings of Aprilia are beautiful, there are many charming small towns nearby and Rome is very close – just 35 km away. Car rental in Aprilia offers an excellent opportunity to explore this region that is considered to be the heart of Italy, to drive along the shore, to stay at local wineries and farms, to admire Mediterranean landscapes or to pay a visit to the Eternal City.

When compared with most of Italian cities Aprilia can be considered a new town. It was founded in April 1936 during the times of Fascist rule. The name proposed by Benito Mussolini is associated with Venus Aprilia – “the fruitful” goddess. Once it was a land covered with forests and marshes. Project of land reclamation attracted many workers from various parts of Italy and their descendants live in Aprilia of today. The population of the town in 2011 amounted to 71,000.

In the beginning of 1944 the town was heavily bombed by the Allies and eventually was reduced to rubble. Its people fled to neighbouring cities. But after the war Aprilia was rebuilt, in 1950’s the first factory was opened in the city. Today there are about 100 plants and factories in Aprilia, including subsidiaries of major world corporations.

The town is especially proud of its famous vineyards. You can use the service of car hire in Aprilia and to go on a wine tour. And of course, you will be told the story of success of local wine-makers. In the second half of the 1940’s Italy lost its colonies in Africa and many people returned to their fatherland. A group of repatriates settled in Aprilia and started to grow grapes and make wines that soon were praised as one of the best in Italy. Car rental in Aprilia will help to make your stay in this town nice and memorable.