Your quick travel guide to Arezzo

Car rental Arezzo

Arezzo is one of the oldest cities in Tuscany situated in the very centre of the Italian “boot”. The surroundings are very beautiful – the city sits on a steep hill above the valley of the River Arno. Abundance of historical and cultural monuments, people-friendly climate and picturesque nature attract millions of tourists to this region. Car rental in Italy is an excellent option if you want to undertake your own individual exploration of Tuscany. You can visit colourful small towns and villages, taste cheeses and wine at local farms and wineries, stay at authentic guest houses and immerse deeply in fabulous environment and history of central Italy. Gorgeous Florence is very close – just 65 km away – so if you rent a car in Arezzo you can combine exploration of the surroundings with visit to the capital of Tuscany.

People settled here since olden times. Arezzo was founded in 6 BC. For several centuries it had a status of one of the main Etruscan cities. In Roman times Arezzo (then it was called Arretium) flourished and was considered the third largest city after Rome and Naples in the beginning of our millennium. Arezzo was especially famous fot its fine pottery. Wars and conflicts destroyed big part of Etruscan and Roman heritage. But many buildings survived till nowadays and were carefully restored. Car hire in Arezzo gives an opportunity to plan your own schedule for exploration of the city and its historical treasures.

It’s quite a lot to look at in Arezzo. The most favourite place is medieval Piazza Grande, the central square of the old town. It creates a strong feeling of time travel -- as if you were transported to the Middle Ages. 14-15th century palazzo, Episcopal Palace, Communal Palace, high square towers that look like they were built for shooting a fantasy movie. The main gem is a very strange-looking Romanesque church Santa Maria della Pieve with façade arches, loggias and columns. It should be added that the pavement of the square is noticeably sloping and it adds more phantasmagoria to the whole image of Piazza Grande. So it’s no wonder that “unreal” is the most often used epithet in tourists’ reviews. Fragments of fortress walls, Basilica of San Francesco, Roman amphitheatre, Medici Fortress and many more ancient monuments wait for tourists literally at every corner.

Staff of car hire office in Arezzo will eagerly advise guests of the city on what is an absolute must with regards to sightseeing. They probably will also tell about famous residents of Arezzo – poet Petrarch, painter Piero della Francesca, satirist Pietro Aretino, creator of modern music notation Guido d’Arezzo. You definitely will not be bored in this city. Car rental in Arezzo will help to make your visit interesting and rich in good memories.