Your quick travel guide to Sao Jorge Airport

Sao Jorge Airport (SJZ)

Sao Jorge Airport (SJZ) is a small regional airport located on the island of Sao Jorge in the Azores, Portugal. The airport serves as an important transportation hub for both domestic and international flights, providing connections to other major cities in the Azores archipelago and mainland Portugal. Despite its limited size and capacity, SJZ offers essential services and facilities, including a passenger terminal, check-in counters, and boarding gates. The airport's picturesque location amidst the stunning natural beauty of Sao Jorge Island makes it an attractive entry point for tourists and travelers seeking to explore this remote and breathtaking destination.

Sao Jorge Airport (SJZ) to City: Seamless Transit Options

The biggest city near Sao Jorge Airport (SJZ) is Horta, located approximately 8 miles (13 kilometers) away. To get to the city center of Horta by car from the airport, you can take the regional road EN1-1A and follow the signs.

Car Rental Options at Sao Jorge Airport (SJZ)

There are several car rental companies available at Sao Jorge Airport (SJZ). Some popular options include:

The most popular car types for rent at Sao Jorge Airport (SJZ) are Economy cars, Compact cars, and SUVs. These vehicles are commonly chosen by travelers due to their versatility and affordability.

The average prices for car rentals at Sao Jorge Airport (SJZ) are as follows:

Car Type Average Price (USD) Average Price (EUR)
Economy 40-60 35-55
Compact 50-70 45-60
SUVs 70-90 60-80

Please note that these prices are approximate and can vary depending on the specific rental company, time of year, and duration of the rental.

The Wise Choice of Car Rentals at Sao Jorge Airport (SJZ)

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To rent a car, follow these steps:

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  7. Make the payment as per the website's instructions.
  8. After the booking is confirmed, you will receive a confirmation email with the rental details.

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Car rental companies at Sao Jorge Airport

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