Car Hire in Gran Canaria

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Car Hire in Gran Canaria

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Car Hire in Gran Canaria: “A Continent in Miniature”

Gran Canaria has so many different sights to offer visitors that it would be a real shame to visit the island without renting a car to explore Gran Canaria at its fullest. For instance, after a brief visit to the capital city, Las Palmas, make sure you drive inland to experience the spectacular sights atop Roque Nublo. Then see the contrasting terrain of the green and lush Jardín Botánico Viera y Clavijo in the northeast with the vast sand dunes of the beach near Maspalomas in the south. With this guide to economy rental cars in Gran Canaria, you can see it all without spending a lot!

Right-Hand Driving in Gran Canaria

  • When you hire your car in Gran Canaria, remember that traffic drives on the right-hand side of the road.

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Rental cars are available in 13 locations in Gran Canaria. Car hire starts as low as €10 a day in Gran Canaria.

Tips for Cheap Car Hire in Gran Canaria

  • Economy car hire in Gran Canaria is available virtually everywhere, particularly due to’s “Delivery to Hotel” booking option!
  • SurPrice makes the hotel delivery of rental cars in Gran Canaria particularly affordable most months out of the year, with prices typically starting around €19 a day.
  • You can also save a significant amount of money by booking your Gran Canaria economy car hire from the Gran Canaria Airport (LPA), which is located 25 km south of Las Palmas. At the airport, companies like GoldCar and Orlando Rent a Car offer excellent rental car prices, as cheap as €10 a day!
  • Auto hire in Gran Canaria is also particularly cheap in Las Palmas itself.

How to Find the Best Car Hire in Puerto Rico, Gran Canaria

  • You can find rental cars in Puerto Rico, Gran Canaria in two locations directly within the holiday resort: at de Serevicio and in downtown Puerto Rico.
  • For the most availability and the cheapest prices, book your car hire in downtown Puerto Rico, where auto hire typically starts at around €13 a day!
  • Orlando Rent a Car typically offers the cheapest auto hire in Gran Canaria.

Tips for Economy Car Hire in Maspalomas, Gran Canaria

  • There are six locations to find cheap rental cars in and near Maspalomas: Bahia Feliz, ClubHotel Rio, in the resort town itself, Meloneras, Playa del Ingles, and San Agustin.
  • The cheapest locations to book your auto hire in Maspalomas are Bahia Feliz, Meloneras, and Playa del Ingles, where car hire starts as low as €10 a day and rarely costs more than €16 a day!
  • If you’re planning on renting a car in Maspalomas during the busy summer months, it is prudent to book your car at least 1 month in advance of your arrival in order to receive the cheapest car hire prices!

Key Things to Remember After You Pick Up Your Cheap Car Hire in Gran Canaria

  • As in most of the Canary Islands, the speed limit in Gran Canaria is 50 km/h an in built-up areas and 120 km/h on the motorway. Keep an eye out for speed cameras, which have been regulating speeding across the island since 2010. If you are photographed speeding, you will receive the ticket fee via your rental car company, whom you will also typically have to pay a service surcharge as well.
  • It is also illegal in Gran Canaria to use your mobile phone while on the road, even if your car is stationary. In order to use your phone, pull off onto the side of the road and park your car.
  • Parking in Gran Canaria:
    • Outside of the major city Las Palmas, street parking is typically quite simple in Gran Canaria. Keep an eye out for signs prohibiting parking. Otherwise, parking on the street is typically just fine.
    • In Las Palmas, parking areas marked blue indicate that you have to buy a parking ticket and display it in your window. Parking areas marked green are reserved for residents.
    • If you get a ticket for staying too long in a blue area in Las Palmas, you can typically save some money by paying your fine at a ticketing machine immediately.
  • There are no toll roads in Gran Canaria.
  • Particularly in Gran Canaria’s spectacular national parks, island roads are narrow and winding. Drive slowly and pull over if you appear to be blocking the traffic behind you.

Important Facts for Your Self-Drive Journey of Gran Canaria

  • Long-time residents of Gran Canaria speak Canarian, a lilting dialect of Spanish. However, most residents speak more standard Spanish, and many people involved in the tourist industry also speak English and/or German.
  • The currency is the euro, and it is prudent to always have some cash on hand.

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