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Car Hire in Alicante

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Car Rental in Alicante, Spain: The Historical Seaport of Costa Blanca

Alicante, Spain offers visitors all the best of tourist destinations: a moderately small city, Alicante is full of historic sites, such as the Castle of Santa Bárbara which looks down upon the beautiful Mediterranean seaport. The pristine white beaches of Costa Blanca await you, when you need a swim or a rest from touring.

Because Alicante is a relatively small city, driving is typically uncomplicated. You will certainly want to hire a car in Alicante to see the sights that are not located directly downtown. Make the most of your visit by following our guide to find the best car hire in Alicante.

Important Facts about Alicante, Spain

  • The two official languages of Alicante are Spanish and Valencian, which is related to Catalan. Most residents of Alicante typically speak Valencian, though all are fluent in Spanish. Many people also speak good English and German.
  • The currency is the euro. Both cash and credit cards are widely accepted.
  • The time zone in Alicante is the Central European Time Zone, UTC+1.
  • Alicante is just a short ferry ride away from Ibiza, but it is unlikely that your rental car company will permit you to take your auto hire onto the ferry. If you wish to drive around Ibiza, check with your car hire company first to acquire the necessary paperwork.

Right-Hand Driving in Alicante

  • When you hire your car in Alicante, remember that traffic drives on the right-hand side of the road.

Driver’s License Requirements to Hire a Car in Alicante

Everyone with a valid driver’s license is permitted to rent a car and drive in Spain, but some further regulations apply:

  • Drivers from countries located in the European Union and the European Economic Area are permitted to drive in Spain for up to 2 years with their original, valid driver’s license.
  • Drivers from all other countries are permitted to drive in Spain for up to 6 months with their original, valid driver’s license.
  • If your driver’s license has not been issued in the Spanish language, you will need to carry an official translation or an International Driver’s Permit in addition to your license at all times while driving.

Find Cheap Car Rental in Alicante at

Rental cars are available in numerous locations throughout Alicante, Spain. Car hire in Alicante is especially cheap and starts as low as €3 a day!

Tips for Cheap Car Hire in Alicante

Rental cars in Alicante typically cost less than €22 a day, regardless of whether you rent from international companies like GoldCar or more local companies. Here are some tips to help you find a cheap rental car in Alicante:

  • The cheapest auto hire location in Alicante is at the Alicante-Elche Airport (ALC), located 11 kilometres south of city centre.
  • Instead of paying a taxi to transport you downtown, which typically costs €20 to €25, pick up your rental car from the airport directly after you land.
  • Car hire companies such as Dickmanns Rent a Car offer unbeatable prices at the airport, especially when you book last minute!
  • Keep an eye out for rental car discounts, that drive the price of car hire down by at least 8%.

Key Things to Remember for Car Rental in Alicante

  • Speed limits in Alicante:
    • Since 2017, speed limits have dropped as low as 30 km/h in the busiest areas of Alicante, Spain.
    • Elsewhere in the city, speed limits are 50 km/h.
    • On motorways in Spain, the speed limit is 120 km/h.
    • On other rural roads outside of built-up areas, the speed limit is typically between 90 and 100 km/h for passenger cars.
  • Parking in Alicante:
    • After you pick up your car hire in Alicante, you can find parking on the street or in parking lots.
    • Street parking is free if the zone is marked white.
    • You must pay for parking at a ticket machine if you park in a blue zone from 9:00 to 14:00 and from 16:00 to 20:00. Typically, you are only permitted to leave your car for 2 hours in blue zones.
    • If you plan on leaving your car for more than 2 hours, park in one of the numerous parking garages throughout the city. Note that the NB El Renfe parking garage is typically the most expensive car park in the city.
  • Toll roads near Alicante:
    • While there are no toll roads in the direct vicinity of Alicante, the AP-7 highway just north of Alicante from Valencia to Barcelona is tolled. You can pay with cash or credit card.

Spanish drivers typically drive very fast and park in spaces that appear too small for their cars. To avoid your car hire getting bumped or scratched on the streets of Alicante, we recommend using one of the parking garages.

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