Your quick travel guide to Murcia

Sun-Drenched Murcia

In eastern Spain lies the delightful city of Murcia. Often overlooked, this stunning corner of Spain is home to impressive Baroque architecture, delicious food and a strange yet fascinating history. This city is all about taking it slow, and that doesn’t just go for modern life, but also the past – it took 300 years to build the Cathedral after all! Owing to the slow nature here, we suggest that using the cheap car hire in Murcia is the way forward; after all, there’s no point in rushing around on foot if you can drive to your destination in a leisurely fashion.

What to See and Do in Murcia

The Cathedral should be the first item on your must-see list. Known as a baroque treasure, it incorporates three different styles, simply because it spanned three centuries in its creation. For something a little nature-related, there are the Floridablanca Gardens. In the hot summer months, the gardens provide some relief from the heat, and you’ll get to meet the locals who like to hang out beneath the ancient ficus trees. The park is the oldest in the city, and actually the first of its kind in the country.

We also recommend that you jump in your hire car and head out of the city to visit Monteagudo Castle. This impressive structure was built in the 9th century and sits atop some rugged limestone crags near to a dramatic white statue of Jesus. It has a great place in local history, as it provided the area’s foremost defence against invaders. Also outside the confines of the city is the Terra Natura Murcia, one of the most open-plan, ethically-designed zoos in the country. All animals live in areas resembling their natural habitats as much as possible.

Saving On the Car Rental

When you are looking for budget car hire in Murcia, there are a few tips to think about. Smaller cars are cheaper than larger ones, often with a price difference of about £16 per day, so think about whether you actually need that bigger car. In addition, renting cars for longer periods of time will often change the price, with longer rentals being more economical than a three-day one. For example, a three-day rental costs around £35, but the same car for a week is £25 per day.

In order to save more, we also make sure that all the car options available to you have a number of items included in the price. These include such things as:

  • Unlimited mileage
  • Third Party Damage Waiver
  • Theft Protection
  • Collision Damage Waiver

These useful little additions may not seem like much, but they most certainly help in getting some extra savings in. For all the options, head over to our site and check out the various car classes and the options they have on offer – some even have free amendments. The best deals on this actually come from the Airport depot, something worth bearing in mind.

Getting the Cheapest Car Hire in Murcia Spain

If you’re looking to get the most economical, car hire deal, then there are a number of aspects to be aware of. It is always important to consider the time of year that you are travelling. In Murcia, the peak seasons are the summer months, and car hire goes up accordingly. If you can avoid these months, you could see yourself saving as much as £5 per day. Booking in advance can also get you better deals; often a two-month window can make all the difference.

Renting from different areas within the town will also affect price. For instance, picking the car up from Murcia San Javier Airport gives a price of £9 per day, whereas it is more expensive collecting the car from Murcia Downtown at £25 per day.

Road Rules in Spain

  1. Driving is on the right-hand-side of the road
  2. On regular roads, overtaking is permitted at a speed not exceeding 20kmph
  3. Drivers must be over the age of eighteen and hold a current driving license
  4. Drinking and driving is not permitted
  5. Seatbelts should be worn by all passengers

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Car rental companies in Murcia

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