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      Your quick travel guide to Colchester

      Visit Historical Colchester

      If you love to add to your knowledge and exploration of history, then Colchester in the United Kingdom will offer you just that. Exploring Castle Park, which showcases Colchester Castle, is the ideal place to start. It was built on top of a Roman temple by the Normans. While you are here, it only stands to reason to invest in car hire in Colchester to make sure that you do not miss any of the amazing sites. By using Economy Bookings, you can compare prices of various cars from different companies for the best deal.

      Hire a car in Colchester to enjoy cuisine, history and spas

      If you`re looking to save money then you should book your car far in advance before you arrive in Colchester. This will give you more money to spend in Colchester once you arrive. Colchester offers fine dining, such as Indian restaurants, traditional British food and even some top quality Chinese food establishments. So, it`s a good idea to explore Colchester if you love trying different types of cuisine. You can eat from a different corner of the world every day that you are in Colchester, but you will need a car to do that comfortably.

      Also, when you are in Colchester, you may want to do some things to rejuvenate yourself and your appearance. There are plenty of wonderful spas offering a variety of fantastic treatments. Get a facial at a beauty salon and even a new hairstyle. Maybe you want to get makeovers for the whole family as a fun family experience while you are away on vacation. If so, there are many great options available to you. Even better would be one of the many day spas with a complete range of relaxing treatments and activities.

      If you have been wondering if you can actually afford to get away to such a wonderful and historical place as Colchester, then the good news is that you can save money if you rent a smaller car. That way your time in Colchester will be more affordable, especially if you have to dole out large sums of money for airfare to get here. Economy Bookings presents you with some of the best cars from a variety of rental companies and by using the search tools on our site will help you find the perfect fit.

      Some advantages of hiring a car in Colchester

      You will be pleased with your economy car during your stay in Colchester. We show you the best cars from only the most reputable car rental providers which means that you have access to some nice extras. Here is what you get:

      • You get the car in clean condition both inside and outside
      • You are granted unlimited car mileage during usage for most cars
      • There is the provision of a free tank of petrol for awesome sightseeing
      • Access to satellite radio

      Note that it is always a good idea to look for a car rental deal that offers a free tank of petrol, as this does add up to a decent amount of savings. The amount you save on not having to pay for petrol could pay for a nice meal. Moreover, if you are looking to save some real amounts of money, then it is highly advised that you book with a great car rental service provider during the off-peak season. This is when rental cars are sitting around more and companies are eager to make money, so they offer deals.

      Also, check and compare prices at various times in the year. Making sure that you deliver the rental car to the same destination that it came from will also drive down the price. Of course, getting smaller cars will also save you money in both cost per day and petrol.

      Road considerations when you are driving in Colchester

      To help your time in Colchester to be a pleasant one, here are some things to keep in mind:

      1. Honour one way roads downtown by driving in the proper direction
      2. You must drive on the left side of the road
      3. There are hefty fines for throwing rubbish out your window when you are driving, so keep Colchester beautiful by disposing of trash properly
      4. All riders must wear a seatbelt