Car Rental at Nashville Airport

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Car Rental at Nashville Airport

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Car Rental at the Nashville Airport: Music City of the South

Located in the upper-central part of Tennessee, Nashville is the biggest city in the state. The city was named in honor of Francis Nash, a general of the American Revolutionary War. Nashville many historical attractions like the mansion of Andrew Jackson, Belle Meade Plantation, the John Siegenthaler Pedestrian Bridge, and the Parthenon. As the distance between many of these sites is quite far, you’ll want to get a car rental at Nashville airport to truly enjoy the city.

Important Facts about the Nashville International Airport

  • Physical address:

1 Terminal Dr
Nashville, TN 37214

◦ By telephone: 615.275.1675
◦ By online contact form:
◦ Phone line available daily from 6:30AM - 11PM CST

  • International Air Transport Association code: BNA
  • The Nashville International Airport is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The security checkpoint opens daily at 3:30AM CST.
  • The Nashville Airport has only one terminal, the Robert C. H. Mathews Jr. Terminal, which is served by four concourses, although Concourse D is closed for renovations until 2020.
  • The Nashville Airport is a focus city for Southwest Airlines (Concourse C).

Tips for Cheap Car Rental at the Nashville Airport

Prices for rental cars at Nashville Airport are relatively standard with economy car rental prices usually around $20 per day. These tips will help you get the best deal on your car rental.

  • Make sure you pick a package with unlimited mileage.
  • Double check if there are fees for add-ons before you say to things like GPS or a toll transponder.
  • Just like when you book your airfare, use a car rental aggregator that shows you rates for different companies.

Discount sites like will help you find the best deals on your car rental so you can spend more on having fun during your trip.

How to Return your Rental Car to the Nashville International Airport

  1. Be sure to get all the details about how and where to return the car before you leave the rental agency so you’re not scrambling to find the right location and a parking spot right before your flight.
  2. Another reason to not rush is so that you have time to check your bill and make sure the company hasn’t added on any extra fees.
  3. Once you’ve returned the car, check out the real-time updates on the Nashville Airport website so you can go through the faster security line.

Key Things to Remember When You Rent a Car in Nashville

  • Using your phone while driving is illegal in the state of Tennessee.
  • All children under the age of eight must be secured in an approved car seat. The type of car sear varies depending on age.
  • Children over the age of eight and drivers must also wear a safety belt.
  • You can be fined on the spot if caught using a phone in a school zone.
  • If you have plans to attach a trailer or other vehicle to your car, the total length of your vehicle cannot exceed 65 feet.

Where to Go Next After Nashville?

After you’ve had your fill of the music city, check out some of these awesome nearby destinations:

  • Franklin, Civil War era town (25 miles south of the airport).
  • McMinnville, for Fall Creek Falls, a stunning waterfall on the Cumberland Plateau (90 miles southeast of the airport).
  • Lynchburg, home to the Jack Daniel’s distillery (75 miles south of the airport).


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