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If you have plans to come to the island of Cyprus, you need to come to Ayia Napa, which is unofficially the hot spot for nightlife. You can take a flight to the Larnaca airport, from where the city is approximately 45 minutes away. Needless to mention, you need car rentals Ayia Napa from Larnaca, which you can take as shared or private hire. Taking a private car rental is the best choice as the city offers incredible spots to explore. The beaches of Ayia Napa are excellent with white sand beaches that are touched by emerald and blue waters.

As mentioned above, the night life at Ayia Napa is one of the prime reasons to be here. You can find many bars, clubs and restaurants that are open till wee hours in the morning. Ayia Napa car rentals are an excellent way to check the city hot spots, and it is advisable that you drive the car on your own. The city is small to be walked on streets, but with a car, you can take chances at unknown areas.

For booking car rentals in Ayia Napa, you can check with a few companies that operate online. There are international car rentals that serve Ayia Napa that you can book online on travel sites like An advance booking of these rentals is a brilliant idea because most local rentals can be costly, and you may end up spending more. There are discounts that are offered can be enormous on early bookings. Cyprus has a well developed network of roads, and hence, if you wish you check a few nearby towns close to Ayia Napa, you can choose to drive. However, do not mix drinking with driving in Cyprus because the local laws are extremely strict. If needed, take an assistant driver with you.


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