Your quick travel guide to Odense Airport

Odense Airport (ODE)

Odense Airport (ODE) is a small regional airport located in Denmark. It serves the city of Odense and the surrounding region, providing domestic and international flights. Despite its modest size, ODE offers various amenities for travelers, including a check-in area, baggage handling services, and car rental facilities. The airport strives to provide a convenient and efficient experience for passengers, with a focus on customer satisfaction. ODE is well-connected to major cities in Europe, enabling tourists and business travelers to easily access the region.

City Bound: Transportation Options from Odense Airport (ODE) to the Center

The biggest city near Odense Airport (ODE) is Odense itself, which is approximately 8.7 miles (14 kilometers) away.

To get to Odense city center from the airport by car, follow these directions:

  1. Head east on E20 towards Odense
  2. Take exit 50-Årslev to merge onto Route 161 towards Odense S
  3. Continue on Route 161 until you reach the city center

Car Rental Choices at Odense Airport (ODE)

In Odense Airport (ODE), there are several car rental companies available, including:

The most popular car types for rent at Odense Airport include:

The average prices for car rentals in Odense Airport are as follows:

Car TypeAverage Price (in dollars)Average Price (in euro)

Please note that these prices are approximate and may vary based on factors such as rental duration, demand, and availability.

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To rent a car at Odense Airport through, follow these steps:

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