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Car rental in Sweden

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Renting a Car in Sweden: A Paradise for Nature-Lovers

The scenic beauty of Sweden is famed throughout the world, and it regularly comes near the top of ‘best places to live’ lists. If you’re looking for a touring vacation and you love nature, it might be the perfect time to check out what is so special about the biggest of the Nordic countries.

Known for its coastal lands, ice-covered mountains, inland lakes, extensive forested areas, ancient castles, and picturesque fishing villages, there is much to explore in Sweden. It is also home to the Swedish Archipelago, which is found in the Baltic Sea. The northernmost part of Sweden belongs to the Arctic.

Local cuisine is pretty heavy on the potatoes, which are usually served with fish or different meats, including reindeer. Meatballs are synonymous with Swedish cuisine and are relished by people worldwide. A facet of Sweden’s culture is ‘fika’, which is more than just a coffee break; people get together to share the caffeinated beverage, along with cakes or cookies.

During your stay in Sweden, you can enjoy activities like skiing, cycling, horseback riding, canoeing, skating, sailing, and hiking. Sweden has a rich cultural life, and in the cities, such as the capital Stockholm, you can attend concerts, plays and exhibitions. Renting a car is your best bet for traveling through this large and varied country.

When to Visit Sweden

Most seasons in Sweden have their charms. A summer trip will have the most pleasant weather conditions, and, being so far north, night is replaced by an extended twilight. In the Arctic Circle, you’ll find midnight sun in midsummer. The summer scenery is breathtaking, with luxurious green forests and serene seas.

Sweden is also a good country to visit in the winter season, with some exciting and unique experiences to be had. A visit in winter can really tick off some bucket-list items, such as staying in an ice hotel (or maybe just a drink in an ice bar if the hotel sounds a bit much) or witnessing the northern lights. Sweden is also a good destination for winter sports, so if skiing is your thing then come in the winter. Remember, if you go right up to the north, you will barely see daylight during the winter months.

In the winter season, if you rent a car, then the agencies will provide snow chains and tires for cars to drive on ice-filled roads.

Car Rental Prices

The average auto hire rates in Sweden are pegged at around €120 per week, which is just over $145. The price is inclusive of breakdown and assistance services. You can view a few car rental deals in the below-listed details:

  • Hyundai I10 or similar (mini class) – $27/day
  • Renault Clio or similar (economy class) – $31/day
  • Ford Focus or similar (compact class) – $36/day
  • Skoda Octavia Estate or similar (intermediate class) – $45/day
  • Ford Mondeo Estate or similar (standard class) – $53/day

Saving on Car Rental in Sweden

Avoid hiring a car from the airport; it turns out to the 10-20% more expensive, and they may also charge a fee between $50-80. Choose to hire a car from the main city for a better deal.

For higher savings, you make your bookings in advance. As soon as you know your vacation dates, start shopping around.

If you opt for automatic transmission, then you may end up paying more as compared to manual vehicles.

Some car rental companies that offer good deals include Sixt, Thrifty, Avis, Alamo, Europcar, Budget, and Enterprise.

Choose your pick-up and drop-off timings judiciously, as most companies operate on a 24-hour basis.

Renting a car for a week is much cheaper than hiring on a per day basis.

Pay at the time of booking the rented car to avail discounted fares and save on exchange rates.

Swedish Car Rental Requirements

You must present some documents when at the car rental offices in Sweden before you can avail the cars on hire, these include:

  1. Driver’s license of your country – if this is not a photo ID, make sure to have a separate document with your photo available. All US driver’s licenses are valid in Sweden.
  2. Cash or credit cards for the deposit money
  3. ID proof such as passport

Tips & Regulations

The currency of Sweden is the krona, also known as Swedish crown; Sweden has not joined the European single currency. $1 US is equal to about 8 kronor.

Sweden’s official language is Swedish, but the standard of English is among the highest in Europe.

If you are 18 years or older, you are legally permitted to drive and rent a car. You may have to pay a surcharge if renting a car under 25 years of age.

It is the norm to keep the headlights switched on all through the day when driving; keep them on dipper mode. If other drivers are flashing you, it could be because your lights are off.

Never drink and drive. If you are stopped and given a breathalyzer test, blood alcohol of over 0.2 can result in imprisonment.

The traffic in Sweden drives on the right-hand side of the roads, so make sure you comply with the rules.

Due to the scarcity of fuel stations, it is wise to fill up whenever possible.

Sweden has a lot of roundabouts, or traffic circles, many more than the USA, so make sure you’re familiar with the rules.